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Poster Printer

The Department of Student Activities has two poster printers that are available to recognized student groups. Clubs are limited to two posters per event, and students must ask for assistance before using the machines. The poster printers can enlarge your 8.5” x 11” flyer up to a 22”x34” poster. Please see the Student Activities front desk in SCC 203 for more information.

Tables at the SCC and Usdan

The tables at the Shapiro Campu Center and Usdan Student Center are used as vending space for student groups and businesses. In order to advertise an event or fundraise, tables must be reserved through the Department of Student Activities. If you would like to table in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium or Usdan Student Center outside the mailroom, please fill out the Online Tabling Request form.

Use Brandeis Tickets to Ticket Your Event

Brandeis Tickets gladly provides ticketing services for student clubs and organizations. To request Brandeis Tickets' services for your event, please submit a Ticketing Request Form. We recommend that you submit the form at least one month prior to the event. The sooner the better!

In addition to helping you with ticketing your event, we can help you with marketing strategies, including best practices for setting up Facebook events, calendar listings, posters and flyers.

Leigh Hilderbrandt
Marketing and Box Office Manager
Dept. of Student Activities

Posting Policies

posting policy

If you follow the guidelines established in Rights and Responsibilities and by the Department of Student Activities, your program will be well advertised, well represented, and well attended! Posting in appropriate areas will also prevent you from wasting time putting up flyers that will only be removed by University staff.

According to Rights and Responsibilities, students will:

“display posters, banners, handbills, or notices only on spaces designated for that purpose. Placement of posters, handbills, or notices, etc. on trees, lawns, sidewalks, statues, motor vehicles, permanent University signage, emergency blue light phones, windows, or exterior doors is prohibited.”

Students are encouraged to utilize the outdoor posting boards provided specifically for publicity purposes, and to post in acceptable areas of the campus centers. These policies are in place to keep the campus clean and to ensure the safety of students. Posters taped to the floor of Rabb steps, for example, can be a hazard when wet.

Posting in the Usdan Student Center/Shapiro Campus Center

(Special arrangements can be made on case-by-case basis with the Operations Specialist in Student Activities)

All posters hung in Usdan/Shapiro Campus Center must be pre-approved. To receive approval, take posters/banners to the Shapiro Information Booth.

In order to receive approval, a poster/banner must:

  • Include the name of the sponsoring organization as well as the word “Brandeis” somewhere on it

  • Include the name, date, time and location of the event

  • Have a recycling symbol in the corner

  • Limit of 6 flyers for each building

The maximum amount of time any poster can remain up is two weeks. Recognized and chartered Brandeis student organizations are entitled to post six approved posters in the SCC, six approved posters in Usdan, and one banner (no bigger than 4x6’) for any single event/purpose. Posters are permitted to be placed only on brick walls with tape in Usdan and only with thumbtacks to bulletin boards in the Shapiro Campus Center (posting on club bulletin boards without permission is not permitted). They may not be posted on doors, windows, glass of any kind, stairway railings, floors or ceilings due to safety concerns.

Large posters: Balcony space on the second floor in the Shapiro Campus Center can also be utilized for larger posters. Posters can be up for up to two weeks leading up to the event. All posters must be hung on the railings of the stair well or bridges in the atrium with string (no tape) and must be parallel with the floor below. Posters must first be stamped at the SCC info booth.

Posting in the Intercultural Center

The ICC staff team will post. Posters are not allowed on glass or windows, and tape is not allowed to be used. Solicitation is not allowed, and neither is posting over other posters and banners. You can have a maximum of five posters up in the ICC at one time.

Club Banner Policy

The Department of Student Activities strives to provide support for Union recognized organizations. With some of those organizations managing offices in the Shapiro Campus Center, there is a demand to market what lies within the building. The creation of this policy is in response to student requests for recognition for their organization and the need to market what is available in the Shapiro Campus Center to prospective and current students.

The 3rd floor railings are reserved for the organizations with office space in the Shapiro Campus Center.

Each banner must be no larger than 6’ long by 4’ tall and designs must be approved by the Operations Specialist within the Department of Student Activities.

Organizations that do not have office space within the Shapiro Campus Center may request banner space in the lobby of Usdan Student Center and that will be on a first come first serve basis. Banners must also be 6’ long by 4’ tall and designs must be approved by the Operations Specialist within the Department of Student Activities.

For any questions related to this policy, please contact the Operations Specialist in the Department of Student Activities.

Student/Campus Center Poster Removal

No one may remove posters or flyers other than their own. The Campus Center Team or members of the Student Activities staff will remove posters and flyers that are out of date, unauthorized, or do not adhere to the criteria for approval.

Flyering within Residence Halls

The best way to ensure your posters make it to every residential building is to distribute flyers through the Department of Community Living (DCL). This can be done by taking the flyers to Community Living (Usdan 032) where they will distribute them to the targeted campus demographic. In order to adequately meet the needs of your requests and cover the entire residential community, DCL recommends dropping off approximately 75 flyers. Community Advisors (CAs) will place these flyers on their hall bulletin boards or where they are sure their residents will see them. It is crucial that you supply Community Living with adequate time to distribute and hang your advertisements; DCL asks that you provide them with any advertisements at least two weeks prior to the event date. If you wish to step up your advertising campaign, you can always do so by talking with the Area Coordinator (AC) of each area.

Be sure that all advertisements have the date, time, location and recycle symbol on them in order for them to be stamped for approval! The Department of Community Living reserves the right to deny event advertisement.

Sidewalk Chalking Policy

The Department of Student Activities encourages student organizations to be creative in the promotion of campus events. One way of creatively advertising is to create fun and colorful chalk drawings on well-traveled pathways.

Students who engage in chalking must observe the distinction between advertising events and vandalism. ONLY sidewalks may be chalked. Chalking on buildings and personal or University property (i.e., buildings, cars, bus shelters, signs, etc.) is not permitted.

Chalking is not permitted in areas where it cannot be washed away by the rain. The Department of Student Activities reserves the right to authorize the removal of chalked messages if they are inappropriate, use profane illustrations or language or are not in a permitted area.