Student Union

Brandeis University’s student government is called the Undergraduate Student Union. The Student Union consists of four separate branches: the Executive Office, the Union Senate, the Union Judiciary, and the Union Allocations Board. All four serve different functions and perform different services to Brandeis students and the organizations that are created at the University.

  • The Union Executive Office is comprised of the Union President, the Union Vice President (also the President of the Senate), the Union Treasurer, the Union Secretary, and other appointed members as nominated by the Union President and confirmed by the Union Senate. The Executive Senator (elected by the Union Senate) serves as the Senate liaison to the Union Executive Office. Their primary purpose of the Union Executive Office is as follows:

    • Manage the operations of the Union

    • Carry out initiatives consistent with student concerns

  • The Union Senate is comprised of two senators from each graduating class, one senator from each residential quad, one senator from an off campus residence, one senator for racial minority students, and one senator from the Transitional Year Program. All senators are elected by the members of the constituency they represent. The primary purposes of the Senate are as follows:

  • Enact legislation consistent with the purposes of the Union Constitution

  • Establish and maintain the Union By-Laws

  • Approve the creation of Union Chartered and Recognized Organizations

  • Confirm Presidential appointments to the Executive Office and other committees

  • Ratify the Union Government budget for each semester

  • The Union Judiciary holds the judicial powers of the Union.  Five students are elected as Justices, and then a Chief Justice is elected from those members.

  • The Union Allocations Board is responsible for allocating a specific percentage of the Student Activities Fee to Union Chartered and Secured Organizations in accordance with the Union Constitution and By-Laws.

Dean of Students Office Affiliated Programs

The Dean of Students Office advises several programs and sponsored groups. These include Student Conduct Board, Family Weekend, Senior Week, Cholmondeley’s Coffeehouse, Student Service Bureau (SSB), Campus Activities Board, Student Production Services, the Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC), and Waltham Group.

Development and Management of Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations make up the heart of the student experience at Brandeis. This section will take you through the different stages of forming and managing a club. It will explain the types of organizations, how to formally create them, and the responsibilities of groups once established.

What Types of Clubs Exist at Brandeis University?

The types of student organizations that exist at Brandeis include Union Recognized Organizations, Union Chartered Organizations, and Union Secured Organizations. These variations have different roles, responsibilities, and functioning styles. The Brandeis Club Center website ( is a central listing of all official club and organization information, including club names, leader contact information, and website and mailing list information.

Recognized Clubs

Recognized Clubs are recognized by the Student Union Senate.  Recognized clubs cannot request money from the Union Allocations Board (A-Board). They can, however, book spaces on campus and fundraise.

Probationary Clubs


Established Clubs

Established clubs are also recognized by the Student Union Senate. However, they may not duplicate the purpose of any already Chartered Club or discriminate in their membership. Chartered Clubs may request money from the Union Allocations Board.

Secured Clubs

Secured Clubs are specifically mentioned in the Student Union Constitution. They are a special class of clubs that cannot be de-chartered and that receive a fixed amount of funding each semester. Secured clubs can only be created and removed by a Student Union constitutional amendment and are generally derived from existing chartered clubs.

Yearly Updates for Existing Clubs

Club Websites

Every club has a page that appears on the Brandeis Student Clubs and Organizations page, which provides general information about the club. To update or edit this, email

Club Changes (Name, Constitution, etc.)

To make any big changes to your club, you will need to contact the Senate and attend a Senate meeting. Email the Club Support Committee Chair (contact info can be found on the Student Union website), and let them know what you are hoping to change (e.g., your club name or constitution). They will provide further directions and have you present your case at a Senate meeting. If your changes are approved, update your club page as necessary.

Anti-Hazing Form  

Massachusetts state law requires that each student organization sign a form acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the Hazing Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Clubs and organizations must submit this form as part of the Club Renewal Form by the third Senate meeting of the academic year. Failure to do so will result in the immediate de-charter of the club or organization without exception. Members of the Student Union Government or the Department of Student Activities can provide your club with a copy of the anti-hazing form. 

Club Executive Board Updates

If members of your Executive Board change, you will need to make sure the appropriate people are listed in the appropriate places:

  • SUMS
  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Club” tab
  3. Click the “Club” sub tab
  4. Click on your club name
  5. Click “Edit”
  6. Fill out the positions and contact email accordingly
  7. Hit “Save and Close”

You will need to make the appropriate individuals Owners, Moderators, and Administrator on your listserv page.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “admin” next to your club name on the left panel.
  3. Under “Casual Administration” click “Edit List Config.”
  4. Click “List Definition”
  5. Add leaders under “Owner” and “Moderator,” editing the preferences to your liking  

Additionally, you can go the LTS Help Desk, where they can assist you with this transition.

  • Club Webpage

Make sure the correct contact person is listed on your Club page. To update or edit this, you will need to fill out the “Club Website Update Form” on the Student Activities website (

  • Club Leaders ListServ

To stay informed and up-to-date on mandatory club leader meetings, workshops, deadlines, and events, join the Club Leaders ListServ ( ALL CLUBS should have at least one representative subscribed to this list, usually a President and/or Treasurer.

  • Romper Room Access

The Club Resource Room, also known as The Romper Room, on the third floor of the Shapiro Campus Center provides all the tools a club leader needs to plan, create, and publicize events, including forms and guides, computers with helpful software, a copier, scanners, printers, a video editing workstation, and more. The room is open during normal operating hours of the Student Union. A Google Form will be sent out at the beginning of the year. For access after this, please visit the Student Union office or contact the Secretary directly.