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Paul Burstein, PhD
Research Affiliate 

Paul Burstein is Research Affiliate at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies. He is a Professor of Sociology, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, and member (and former Chair) of the Stroum Jewish Studies Program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Professor Burstein has written on Jewish non-profit organizations and the educational and economic success of American Jews, as well as editing and writing an introduction for a syllabus collection on the Sociology of Jewry for the American Sociological Association.  He is on the editorial board of Contemporary Jewry and has served on the Board of the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry.  He teaches a course on the American Jewish community, and co-teaches an introductory course on Israel.

Professor Burstein’s current work is on how the conflict between Israel and others in the Middle East has been portrayed by witnesses giving testimony to committees of the U.S. Congress since 1948, considering who is involved, what arguments they make, and how they try to reframe the very nature of the debates to win more support for their views.

Recently published:

  • “Jewish Educational and Economic Success in the United States: A Search for Explanations.”  Sociological Perspectives 50 (2007):209-28
  • “Jewish Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.: A Preliminary Survey.”  Contemporary Jewry 31 (2011):129-48