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Annette Koren, PhD Annette Koren
Research Scientist

Annette Koren is a research scientist at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies. She is the principal investigator on projects related to enriching Israel education for Jewish youth and college and university students. Annette leads an ongoing evaluation of the Brandeis University Summer Institute for Israel Studies. She evaluated the Israel Scholar Development Fund of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise and authored a report on youth educators’ preparation for teaching about Israel. She also published Searching for the Study of Israel: A Report on the Teaching of Israel on U.S. College Campuses 2008-09, a directory and report on courses about Israel offered on campuses in the United States. Her other CMJS research projects include an evaluation of Limmud NY; a census of community-based, supplementary Jewish high schools; and a study of Yad Vashem’s professional development seminars to enhance teaching about the Holocaust in European countries. Annette serves as a senior member of the JData team.

Annette previously served as Consultant for Research and Evaluation at the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Boston (BJE). At the BJE, she helped Jewish educators make evaluation an integral part of their practice, and she conducted evaluation research on various educational interventions. Her published work from the BJE includes Reach and Retention: Findings from the Boston Area School Census 2001-02 and Special Learning Needs in Day Schools: Parent and Community Responses on the experiences of families of children with special needs in day schools. Prior to her work in Jewish education, Annette was a senior consultant at PIMS Associates of the Strategic Planning Institute and Market Research Manager at GTE Sylvania. She has also been a faculty member at Fordham University in New York City and Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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