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A number of challenges confront researchers attempting to devise accurate estimates of the state/regional and national Jewish population. The U.S. census, the only full population count of the country, has never asked Americans to identify themselves by religion.

The studies in the socio-demography project employ innovative research methods and rigorous scientific analysis to arrive at these estimates and better understand religious, family, and ethnic identity in the United States.

Our studies of the national U.S. Jewish population include American Jewish Population Estimates: 2012 and Estimating the Jewish Population of the United States: 2000-2010.

Our local Jewish population studies include the 2005 Boston Community Study, the 2013 Greater Buffalo Jewish Community Study,  2010 Western North Carolina Jewish Demographic Study, and the 2008 Berkshire Community StudyLiving on the Edge: Economic Insecurity Among Jewish Households in Greater Rhode Island is a profile of a community facing significant economic challenges.

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