Taglit-Birthright Israel


Since 1999, Taglit-Birthright Israel has sent nearly 300,000 young Jewish adults from more than 50 countries on free, 10-day educational tours of Israel. Established by a group of Jewish philanthropists, in collaboration with the Israeli government and Jewish communities around the world, Taglit aims to encourage Jewish continuity, foster engagement with Israel, and forge a new relationship among Jews around the world. Since the program's inception, CMJS has been conducting rigorous research to evaluate the program and learn about its impact on the current generation of Jewish young adults.

Recent Events

Learning from Taglit-Birthright Israel:
An Academic Symposium - June 11-12, 2013

Convened in Israel at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, this conference expanded on the academic discussion of Taglit by considering Taglit from the perspective of Israeli culture and society, as well as its role in promoting Israel-Diaspora relations. The conference brought together Israeli and Diaspora scholars in a discussion about Taglit, Jewish identity, education, and the relationship of Israel and the Diaspora.

Leonard Saxe   Rabbi Irving Greenberg   Amy Sales