Taglit-Birthright Israel

The following reports are available in PDF format.

Title  Date
Evaluation Reports  
Jewish Futures Project. The Impact of Taglit-Birthright Israel: 2010 Update February 2011
Generation Birthright Israel: The Impact of an Israel Experience on Jewish Identity and Choices October 2009
Taglit-Birthright Israel Evaluation: 2007-2008 North American Cohorts
December 2008
Taglit-Birthright Israel Evaluation: 2007 North American Cohorts December 2007
Taglit-Birthright Israel: Impact on Jewish Identity, Peoplehood, and Connection to Israel June 2006
Evaluating Birthright Israel: Long- Term Impact and Recent Findings November 2004
A Mega-Experiment in Jewish Education: The Impact of Birthright Israel January 2002
Making Meaning: Participants' Experience of Birthright Israel November 2000
The Impact of Birthright Israel November 2001
Related Publications  
Still Connected: American Jewish Attitudes About Israel August 2010
Tourists, Travelers, and Citizens: Jewish Engagement of Young Adults in Four Centers of North American Jewish Life March 2009
Encountering the Other, Finding Oneself: The Taglit-Birthright Israel Mifgash December 2008
Encountering the Other, Finding Oneself: The Taglit-Birthright Israel Mifgash (Hebrew Translation) December 2008
From Shrine to Forum: Masada and the Politics of Jewish Extremism May 2008
American Jewish Attachment to Israel: An Assessment of the “Distancing” Hypothesis February 2008
Connecting Diaspora Young Adults to Israel: Lessons from Taglit-Birthright Israel January 2008
After Birthright Israel: Finding and Seeking Young Adult Jewish Community December 2007
Israel at War: The Impact of Peer-oriented Israel Programs on Responses of American Young Adults November 2006
Authentic Sights and Authentic Narratives on Taglit December 2001
Narrative Construction of Authenticity in Pilgrimage Touring August 2001