Creating a Captioned Image

There are two ways you can enter a caption for an image: using a field in a content type, or with an embedded image in the WYSIWYG editor.

Content Types

The following content types have a field for a caption for each image.

Adding a caption to an image in the Editor

  1. Using the Editor content type, put your cursor where you want the image to go.
  2. If there is already text in the editor, hit Return.
  3. Insert the image.
    1. If the photo is the first thing you have inserted, highlight it and select Paragraph from the Format menu.
  4. Hit Shift + Return to insert a line break.
  5. Type the text for the caption.
  6. Highlight the text and select Caption from the Styles menu.
    Select Caption from the Styles menu

Note: If your text needs to be on two lines, type it all out in one line, format it as Caption, and then hit Shift + Return to break it into two lines.

  1. Click on the image and click the small p next to Path: at the bottom of the editor. This will select the image and the caption.
    Find the p next to Path on the bottom of the editor
  2. In the Styles menu, select Align-Right. This will pull the image and caption to the right side of the editor.
    Select align-right from the Styles menu

If you entered the photo and caption before any other text, hit Return, and then use the Clear Formatting tool to remove the Caption and Align-Right formatting. Then add content as you normally would.