Dashboard & Toolbar

When you log in to the Cascade system, the first screen you will see is the Dashboard. The dashboard is the mechanism by which you interact with Cascade CMS.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is comprised of three major areas:

  1. The navigation panel, which runs along the left side and is used to locate and select assets.
  2. The toolbar, which runs across the top of the screen, allows you to perform a set of actions, such as creating an asset.
  3. The main panel, taking up the majority of the screen, will change based on the task you are performing. For example, when you edit a page, you will do so in this area.

Cascade CMS dashboard

The Navigation Panel

The navigation panel is used to locate and select assets. It uses the same type of tree structure as other computer or web directories.

To expand a folder (see its contents), click the plus (+) sign to its left. To collapse a folder, click the minus (-) sign.

Collapsed and expanded menus

To select an asset to view or edit, click on its name. The main panel will change to be contextual to the selected asset.

You will find your site folder(s) under the Base Folder. You will only see the folders to which you have access.

Base folder for your site

The Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to perform a set of actions.

The toolbar in Cascade CMS is similar to toolbars you have used in desktop applications. The toolbars with double down arrows are menus. Click on the toolbar button to see that menu.

Cascade Toolbar

To use a toolbar button, simply click it. To use a toolbar menu, click it, then hover over to the sub-item you wish to select, then click that.