How to Build a Website at Brandeis

The Department of Digital Communications is ready to partner with you to build your website in the Standard University Templates and content management system. Working with our office is easy; we follow the steps below to ensure your site’s construction is executed efficiently and accurately.

1. Request Assistance via Project Request Form
Complete this short form to secure your place in the website queue.

2. Set Up Meeting
Once the Project Request Form is received, the Digital Communications team will contact you within 72 hours to set up a meeting.

3. Web Audit and Review
Before your initial meeting takes place, the Digital Communications team will audit your site and research what your colleagues are doing, if applicable. We ask that you also review your site and prepare a list of other websites that you find useful and effective. 

4. Meet and Discuss
At the initial meeting, the Digital Communications team will brief you on the templates and content management system. We will then review your site together and discuss any technical issues that would involve our colleagues in LTS. We also discuss timelines and answer any questions you may have about the process.

5. Template and Navigation Map
After the meeting, you select your desired homepage template and determine your navigation. Once final, send this information to Digital Communications.

6. Site Build-Out
A member of the Digital Communications team will build your new site. Once complete, the site will be released to you for review.

7. Training
When the site is nearly complete, your site editor(s) is required to attend a content management system training session, which is led by the Digital Communications team.

8. Testing of New Site
Once the site is complete, it is tested and reviewed by the Digital Communications team.

9. Cutover and Launch

In this final step, Digital Communications asks LTS to launch your site. At this time your old site is archived, and your new site goes live.