We have received reports from editors who are having issues seeing the upgrade in Firefox. This is likely a cache issue and can be corrected by:

1. Clearing your cache.
2. Doing a hard refresh of your slideshow page
(MacShift + Refresh | 
PC: Control + F5).

Slideshow Tips

Now that your slideshows can be viewed on mobile devices, make sure they look their best. 

Are your images sized properly?

Do you own the images you are including?

If using the Ken Burns effect, are all of your images horizontal?

We're here to help!

Contact and a member of the Web Team will respond to you shortly.

Slideshow Upgrade

Action Required: Oct. 27, 2015

CMS Web Editors:

We have upgraded to the latest version of Monoslideshow, the product we use to create slideshows on our websites. This version uses HTML5 instead of Flash, which means the slideshows will now work on most mobile devices.

While the Web Team has made the back end changes to all slideshows, we are asking for your help to complete the upgrade at your earliest convenience.

Find your files

1. Please log into the CMS. In the navigation panel, locate your slideshow folder. Select the "config" file.

screenshot of config file

Publish the config file

2. Select the Publish tab (leave all boxes checked) and click Submit to publish. Do not publish your whole site.

select all destinations

Publish all relationships

3. Select the config file again. Select the Relationships tab. Click Publish all relationships (leave all boxes checked). Do not publish your whole site.


4. When the Confirmation window appears, click Submit.


Review your work

5. Check the live website (and your mobile device!) to be sure your slideshow is appearing properly. 


  • Please do not republish your entire site.
  • You will need to complete these steps for each slideshow that is live on your website.
  • If your slideshow uses the Ken Burns effect, you will need to re-select your settings on the config file.
  • Even if your slideshow appears to be working properly, to take advantage of the technology upgrade you will need to complete these steps.
  • If you need assistance completing this process, please email