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Template A


   Emergency Preparedness 

Template B

   Office of the President

  Student Financial Services

Template B Slideshow

   Summer School

   Mandel Center for the Humanities

 Template C

   Interfaith Chaplaincy

   Near Eastern and Judaic Studies 

Template D

   Theater Department Productions

   Department of Community Service

Template E

   Creative Services

Template F

   Brandeis Concert Series

   Department of Psychology

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Template Options

Template Options

Academic departments, research centers and institutes, programs and administrative offices may choose a homepage design from the following templates. Templates A, B, C, D and E also have slideshow options. The secondary or inner pages of your website will use the Inner Page Template.

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Homepage Template A

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Homepage Template B

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Homepage Template C

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Homepage Template D

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Homepage Template E

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Homepage Template F

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Inner Page Template

Inside Template


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