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Popular Social Media Tools and Platforms

There are many social media platforms. The most popular include:


The world’s largest social network, with more than 1.15 billion people using the site (as of September 2013). Users create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including status updates. Brands create pages and Facebook users can “like” brands’ pages.


A social networking/micro-blogging platform that allows groups and individuals to stay connected through the exchange of short status messages (140 character limit).


Image sharing platform that uses hashtags to connect users to content. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform among 18-22 year olds. 


A video hosting and watching website. The 2012 Noel-Levitz E-Expectations report found that 62 percent of high school juniors and seniors watch YouTube videos at least once a week.


An image and video hosting website. Photos can be shared on Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites.


A micro-blogging social network that allows users to make short-form blog posts. Tumblr content tends to be very visual.

LinkedIn Groups

A place where groups of professionals with similar areas of interest can share and participate in a conversations.


A platform for casual dialogue and discussions on a specific topic or opinion.