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Using Accordions

Accordions are very helpful when you would like to condense a page's information and let the visitor select what he or she wants to see.

It is perfect for FAQs, long calendar lists, directions, and more.

Building one is easy; just follow the steps below.

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How to Build an Accordion

Where do I start?

First, select the page in the CMS where you'd like to add accordions. Click Edit.

Under "Content" scroll down, the main content area; you will see "Accordion." Click on the name, and the accordion WYSIWYG editor will be revealed.

Image of Accordion placement on inner page.

How do I enter text?

Enter the text that you always want visible in the "Accordion Head" field.

Enter the text that you would like to be hidden in the "Accordion Body" field. You may add pictures, format text, etc. Be sure to format your text as paragraph to ensure proper spacing between the accordion head and the text.

Image of entering text in accordion field

How do I create subheads within my accordions?

When you have many accordions, creating subheads and grouping similar items is a good practice. Organizing helps your site visitors digest the information on the page more easily.

To create a subhead, enter the text in the Accordion subsection field. If you do not want a subhead to appear, simply leave the field blank.

Image of accordion subhead field

How do I create multiple accordion fields?

Under the "Accordion" title, you will see a a row of icons. Click on the plus sign (+) to add a new accordion field.

Image of how to add accordion field

How do I eliminate an accordion field?

Once you have created more than one accordion field, under the "Accordion" title, you will see a row of icons. Click on the minus sign (-) to delete the accordion field that you do not want.

Image of how to delete an accordion field

How do I create an anchor to an accordion field?

Creating an anchor to a specific accordion field is helpful when you'd like to link to it from another point on your page or on a different page.

1. Select the specific accordion to which you would like to link. In the "Anchor Name" field, type in a name that is both descriptive and easy to remember. Anchor names should be short with no spaces and consist of lowercase letters, numbers and/or dashes.

Image of accordion anchor

Click Submit.

2. You now need to create a place from which you are linking. Follow the instructions on page 50 of the Cascade Server CMS Guide.

How do I reorder/move accordion fields?

If you would like to reorder/move an accordion field, use the up and down arrows located next to the plus and minus sign (+)(-).

Image of up and down arrows in accordion field

How do I publish a page that uses accordions?

Once you've finished creating your accordion(s), click submit. Publish the page as usual.