On collecting information...

When you are about to create an online form, THINK! What type of information will you be collecting? Generic information — like names, addresses, phone numbers, departments — or personal information, such as Social Security numbers, credit cards, private IDs, etc.

Your answer will dictate how you will create your form.

Though BWebForms and Wufoo are encrypted, the university recommends that you do not collect sensitive, personal information online. Visit the Information Security website for more details.

If you do need to collect sensitive information, please contact web communications.

Creating Forms in the CMS

Need to create a form and not sure where to turn? Brandeis offers two options that integrate well with the zeta templates.



BWebForms is a LTS-created form utility. You can easily create and maintain forms without knowing code.

To use BWebForms, you need only your UNet ID and password.

>> Find out more. 

>> Login to BWebForms.



Brandeis has contracted with Wufoo, a web-based form builder. Wufoo strives to be the easiest way to collect information over the Internet. You can easily create forms, embed them on your site’s pages, and review responses.

To use Wufoo, email Digital Communications to request an account. One account will be granted per department/area.

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>> Request a Wufoo account.

>> Working with Wufoo.