Currently, Google Analytics is a self-service offering. Extensive documentation created by Google is available in the Google Analytics Help Center and on the Google Analytics YouTube channel.

Using Google Analytics

The university uses Google Analytics to learn more about how people find our websites, how visitors interact with them, and how we can enhance their experience.

Google Analytics data can help your department improve your content so that you can achieve your website goals, whether they be increasing school/program applications, providing services and information for students, reconnecting with alumni or promoting your faculty and research.

To access Google Analytics data for your website, please contact us for the log in information.

Once you receive the log in information, please follow these steps.

1. Log out of your Brandeis Google account (or open a different web browser)
2. Visit
3. Log in with the Google email account and password provided by Digital Communications
4. Click the Brandeis All profile to view data for on- and off-campus traffic to your website. (To view off-campus web traffic only, click the Exclude Internal IP-Brandeis All profile.)

Google Analytics 'Brandeis All' button

5. In the left navigation, click Behavior > Site Content > Content Drilldown, then in the main panel select

Google Analytics content drill down

6. Find and click your site, using the arrows on the bottom right to scroll if necessary

Google Analytics scroll across button

7. In the top right, change the date range to whatever you would like to see (it displays the previous month by default)

Google Analytics larger date range

8. Use the Secondary dimension dropdown to add another column of data to your report

screenshot of google analytics secondary dimension