First Sidebar Section

This is the first sidebar section that is included in the CMS. See below for the second sidebar section.

Second Sidebar Section

This is the second sidebar section that web editors may add using HTML code. You may add multiple sidebar sections following the same directions.

Creating Multiple Sidebar Sections

The content management system is set up to include one sidebar item. If you have more information that you would like to include in the sidebar but want to distinguish it from the rest of the sidebar content, you may add multiple sidebar headers (see sidebar sections to the right).

To do this, type the text you would like to use for the second sidebar heading into the sidebar option text box. Highlight this text and choose "Heading 3" from the format drop-down menu.

Header 3 format option

Hit the "HTML" button in the menu, and type or paste the following code just after the "<h3" that shows up before the text of the second sidebar heading:


The HTML code should look like this (click image to enlarge):

Multiple sidebar HTML code

Click "Update" to save the HTML code.

Repeat these steps as needed for multiple sidebar sections.