Sidebar News Feed Preview

The Digital Communications team can configure your site to have a homepage sidebar that dynamically pulls headlines from news stories, as well as an inner page that pulls those headlines if you would like to maintain a complete list or archive of your news stories.

Your news stories can be pages within your site, like this exhibit story. For these stories, it generates a sidebar with all of your headlines so your Web site visitors can navigate to other stories without having to return to your homepage. You can also use stories on other sites like BrandeisNOW.

If you would like this functionality on your website, please contact us.

Once the Web team configures your homepage, you are ready to create news stories.

  1. Select the news folder created by the Digital Communications team.
  2. Select New > Zeta > News Story.
  3. Enter a Title for your news story, and a Sub-Title if desired. Only the Title will appear in your feed(s).
  4. If you want your story to be a page within your site, enter the text in the Story: >> WYSIWYG area in the same way you would for an inner page (including photos).
  5. If the news story is on another Web site like BrandeisNOW, leave the Story: >> WYSIWYG area blank and enter the URL of that story in the Story: >> Link area.
  6. In the Metadata, enter today’s date in the Start Date field. Note that the “homepage” category is checked by default. When you are ready to remove the story headline from your homepage, edit the story, unclick "homepage" and re-publish.
  7. In the System area, enter a System Name.
  8. Submit and publish your story.
  9. Publish your news folder and your homepage.