Creating a PDF Archive

As we prepare to migrate your site to the new templates, you may find it useful to create a PDF of your current website for archival purposes. Follow these steps prior to deleting assets from the CMS.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro (available for free through LTS on university-owned computers). You will not be able to do this using Adobe Reader.

2. Select File > Create > PDF from Web Page

          step 1 of creating pdf archive

3. Type in the URL of the page or site.

          step 2 of creating pdf archive

4. To capture a site (not just a page), you'll want set it to capture multiple levels. Click on the blue arrow.

          step 3 of creating pdf archive

5. Enter in a number. This will vary depending on the depth of your site. 5-7 should work for most sites.

          step 4 of creating pdf archive

6. Check "Stay on same path" so the tool doesn't follow links to other sites and capture those pages.

          step 5 of creating pdf archive

7. Under Settings > General, make sure "Create bookmarks" is checked.

          step 4 of creating pdf archive

8. Click OK. Your PDF will be created (it may take a few minutes). The number of pages in the PDF will be higher than the number of pages on your site because website pages may span more than one PDF page.

9. Save the PDF on your computer or a shared drive. Do not upload it to the CMS.