Using Relationships to Clean Up Your Site

The CMS should be used for current items on the web, not as a storage space for your files. If you are concerned about losing your content, create a PDF archive of your live site first.

For assets such as images, documents and pages, you can use the Relationships tab to see a list of assets that link to or display that item.

In this example, we're checking the Relationships for a PDF to see if we can safely delete it without breaking links. (The same could be done for an image, shareable sidebar, page, etc.)

How to use Relationships

1. In the navigation panel, click on an asset within your site. 

          navigation panel

2. In the main panel, click on the Relationships tab (next to the Publish tab).

          relationships tab

3a. If your asset is being used, you will see a list of assets that refer to it. Each item listed under Path is a clickable link to another asset CMS in case you want to view how the asset is being used. In this example, we would not want to delete this PDF, since there are several relationships. (If we deleted it, each of these pages would have a broken link to the deleted PDF.)

          list of relationships

3b. If you see a message that says "There are no relationships for this page" the asset is not being used. Delete it!

          no relationships 

No relationships? Delete!

If you find there are no relationships for an asset, you can delete it from the CMS. If you encounter errors while trying to delete, check out our publishing errors tip page.

After you delete: Review!

It's always a good idea to review your site for broken links after you make changes to your site. Click through your site. If you encounter a broken link, you may need to republish.

When do I republish?

  • If you deleted, reordered or moved a page that was in a folder, publish that folder and your site’s index page.
  • If you deleted a page that was in the top-level of the left navigation, republish your site.
  • If you deleted a PDF that was linked on a page, edit the page to remove the linked text and republish that page.
  • If you deleted an image that was displayed on a page, edit the page to remove the image and republish that page.
  • If you moved an image while tidying up your site, republish all Relationships for that image to avoid broken links.

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