RSS Feed Preview

To drive visitors back to your site, we encourage you to keep your content fresh and compelling with news items, and to create an RSS feed so subscribers receive automatic updates.

To create an RSS feed:

  1. Create news items using the News Story asset (not the Inner Page asset).
  2. Select your news folder, then select New > Zeta > Department News RSS Page.
  3. Click the Metadata tab, delete the default metadata and enter your site-specific information.
  4. Submit and publish the page.
  5. Create a link on your homepage and/or news index to the RSS page, so that your site visitors can subscribe to the feed. We recommend using the RSS icon image. (See it in action on a homepage and a news index.)

    The URL for the RSS feed follows the same format as a page, but ends in .xml instead of .html (
  6. Each time you create and publish a new news item, re-publish the RSS page to update the feed.