Slideshow Preview with "Random" Ken Burns Effect

communications slideshow

The Ken Burns Effect pans across a photo or zooms in and out of a photo as it plays in your slideshow. To apply this effect, edit the "config" file in your slideshow folder and select your desired settings.

ken burns options

Descriptions of Ken Burns mode options:

  • randomPan: randomly pans across the item
  • randomZoomIn, randomZoomOut, randomZoom: randomly zooms the item
  • randomZoomAndPan: randomly zoom or pans across the item
  • autoPan, autoPanBackwards: always show the entire item by panning horizontally or vertically
  • zoomIn, zoomOut: zooms from the center
  • none: does not apply the Ken Burns effect

Unfortunately, vertical images will not appear properly when using this effect. Be sure that all of your images are horizontal images if you would like to use the Ken Burns Effect.