Working with Tables

The May 2013 CMS Upgrade to system 7.2.2 introduced a bug that prevents a table's width from being edited in the HTML.

Who does this effect?

This bug is a problem for those who want to edit or create a table that is smaller or larger than 400 pixels.

What is the solution?

Hannon Hill is working to fix the issue but the solution date is unknown. 

In the zeta templates, we have a workaround for the problem:

SOLUTION: Table style classes. 
  1. When editing an existing table, click on the table.
  2. Select the table icon.

    Image of icon bar from HTML
  3. Select the Class dropdown menu.
  4. Select the appropriate width for the table: 200, 300, 395 or 590 (use only with page without a sidebar).

    Screen shot of table popup menu
  5. Click Update.
  6. Click Submit to save your changes.