Working with Wufoo

You’ve decided that Wufoo is the correct tool to create your form and collect your information. You've requested an account from Digital Communications. Now you’d like to embed your form on a zeta template inner page.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your form integrates properly into the CMS.


Formatting a Wufoo Form


"Form Name" and "Section Break" text should be in all capital letters.
i.e., REQUEST FOR COVERAGE not Request for coverage or Request For Coverage


Select Brandeis Template 1 in the template dropdown menu, which is located on the same line as the form name line, on the right side.



Embedding a Wufoo Form on a Zeta Inner Page

1. In Wufoo, in the "Forms" view, navigate to your form, hover over Share select Embed form.

get embed code

2. Scroll down the page and select Embed your form, then copy the Embed code. Alternatively, you can click the green Copy Code button.

embed code

3. In the CMS, select the page on which you’d like the form to appear (or create a new inner page). Click Edit.

Note: Do not embed forms in the sidebar of an inner page.

4. Under the Content tab, scroll to the Main Content Area WYSIWYG Editor and select HTML.


5. Paste the code into the editor, and click Update.

paste code

6. You will see a line of text appear in the WYSIWYG editor (this is a preview and not the final product).


7. Click on the Metadata tab.

8. In the field Long Name for page heading, insert one space by putting your cursor in the field and clicking the space bar on your keyboard.

9. Click Submit.

10. Your form should appear on the page. If you make future edits to the form in Wufoo, they will automatically appear on the CMS page. You do not need to re-embed the code.