Publishing and Un-publishing


Publishing is the act of sending all or part of your site to the Web. You can publish either to the live Brandeis website, or the Webtest test site (not public). You can publish a page, folder or file.

Publish button

Select the asset you wish to publish from the Site Content panel, then click the Publish button in the main part of the screen. Or right-click the page in the Site Content panel to reveal the context menu and select Publish.

Publish menu

Notes: If you have only modified the content of a page, you only need to publish that page, not the entire folder or site.

If you have deleted, reordered or moved a page that was in a folder, publish that folder and your site’s index page.

You should only publish your entire site if you have made changes to the left navigation (by adding, removing or moving an asset or modifying a display name). Publish your whole site during off-hours, such as before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

Caution: Be careful not to publish the entire zeta folder. This publishes all sites in the Zeta templates. If you are editing a department or program site, be careful not to publish the entire departments or programs folder. If you do so accidentally, email immediately.


You should see two types of destinations: Live and Test. Live destinations are on the publicly available web; Test destinations can only be accessed from campus (or by those accessing the Brandeis network via VPN/Wormhole).

Publish destinations

If a box is checked, you will publish to the associated destination. Ensure that the appropriate destinations are checked or unchecked, then click the Publish button. (Leave the html box under Output checked.)

After you press Submit, you will briefly see the message "Page queued for publish." You can go directly to the publish queue by clicking View publish queue, if you can catch the message before it disappears.

Publish success message

Best Practice: Before publishing your pages live, you should first publish to the test server. This gives you an opportunity to review the pages privately before they become available to the public.

Publish Queue

Publishing is not instantaneous, but rather a queue of all publishing jobs in the system.

You can check the status of your job on the Publish Queue. Find this by clicking the "hamburger" icon at the far upper right in the black toolbar.

You'll either see your job in the Publish Queue or as a Scheduled Publish Job. Click Back to Site when you are done.

See the publish queue

View your site

Once your job is finished publishing, you can view your site in a Web browser. If in Cascade CMS, your site folder is: /zeta/sample

Then, the corollary test and live sites are at:



For a specific page, it is a similar pattern, but with .html appended. If a page in Cascade CMS is: /zeta/sample/example

The corollary test and live pages are at:




Unpublishing an asset will remove it from the web, but leave it in Cascade CMS. This is useful for out-of-date content that you may wish to keep for reference or update at a later time.

Right-click the asset you wish to un-publish from the Site Content panel and select the Unpublish option from the context menu; or select Unpublish from the More menu.

Unpublish menu

Select a destination; generally, if you are unpublishing a live page, your destination will be both LIVE site and TEST site

Unpublish destinations

You should see the “Unpublish message sent successfully” banner appear briefly at the bottom of the page. If you act quickly, you can click in the box to View the publish Queue.

Unpublish success message

Confirm that the un-publish job has completed by viewing the Publish queue, (accessible via the top black toolbar at Hamburger Menu > Publish Queue or by the link in the "Unpublish message sent successfully" banner).

If the job is complete, it will no longer be in the queue.

Preventing publishing and indexing

Occasionally, you may not want a page to not publish to the public website. For example, you may want to temporarily remove content for a period of time, or you may have a page under development. In these instances, you can configure the page to not publish. Select the asset from the navigation panel, and then click on the Edit button, and then the Configure button.


Un-check the “Include when publishing” and “Include when indexing” boxes.The first box prevents accidental republishing; the second removes the asset from the site navigation. They can be rechecked at any time. Click the three dots ("kabob" menu) next to Preview Draft at the top right. Then, click Check Content & Submit, then click the blue checkmark when you are finished to save.

If you have made changes that impact your whole site, such as adding or removing pages from your navigation, publish your entire site. This will remove broken links from your site navigation.

Best Practice: Publish your whole site during off-hours, such as before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.