The Right Sidebar


An example Right Sidebar area

The Right Sidebar

The right sidebar is the secondary content area on zeta inner pages.

  1. To edit the right sidebar region of a page, select that page from the Site Content panel and click the Edit button.
  2. The page will be made up of several sections: Captioned Image, Main Content Area, Accordion, etc. Down the page is the Sidebar Option area.
  3. The Sidebar Option contains a text box for the title and a WYSIWYG editing area for the content.

    Sidebar Option

  4. In the Sidebar Option Title field, enter a title. This will appear as a header above the right sidebar, as pictured below.

  5. Next, enter your content in the WYSIWYG area. This WYSIWYG editor works exactly like the one for the main content area.

    Best Practice: Be sure to format the text as paragraph, as explained in step 5 of The WYSIWYG Editor.

  6. You may add multiple sections in one sidebar, but must properly format each header in the Source code of the sidebar editor.

    In the sidebar WYSIWYG editor, enter the sidebar text. Highlight and format the second, third, fourth sidebar titles (etc.) in the format editor as Heading 3.

    Click on the Source Code (< >) button for the HTML Source code. For each <h3> tag, add class="single_module_head". The complete tag will be <h3 class="single_module_head">

    Sidebar sections

  7. You can also have rotating sidebars. They will appear one at a time and change (randomly) upon page refresh. This functionality is also available for homepage templates A, B, C, D and E.

    (If you only wish to associate one right sidebar with your page, skip to step 7.)

    To add another right sidebar, click on the plus icon (+) located in the right of the Sidebar Option area. A new Sidebar Option is created.

    You can click the plus icon (+) to add another or the delete icon (x) to delete that particular sidebar option. Use the arrow icons to change the order of the Sidebar Option.

  8. Submit your page using the Advanced Submit button. You should see the title and content you input appear in the right sidebar.

    Advanced submit

Sharable Right Sidebars

If you have sidebar content that you want to appear on multiple pages, you can create the right sidebar as a separate asset.

  1. In the Navigation Panel, select the folder in which your new sidebar asset will reside. Select (+)Add Content > _zeta > Shareable Right Sidebar from the toolbar.

  2. In the window that opens, enter a Page Name, which is the name that will appear in the navigation panel of Cascade.Best Practice: Keep names short; use only lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes. Do not use spaces or underscores. Check that the Placement Folder accurately reflects the folder you wish to save the Shareable Right Sidebar in.

    Shareable sidebar

  3. Enter the Sidebar Option Title and Sidebar Option content (see above section on right sidebars for more details). Click Submit when you are done.

  4. The sidebar asset should appear in the Navigation Panel in the folder that you designated.

  5. Now you can add the shareable right sidebar to a page. Select a page to which you want to add the sidebar from the navigation panel. Then click the Edit tab.

  6. Scroll down to the Sidebar Option. Instead of typing in new text in the fields, click in the Choose Page box under "Or select a sidebarOption page."

    External option

  7. The Chooser Panel will open on the right side; select the sidebar asset you created. Click Choose.

  8. You should see the complete path to the selected Shareable Right Sidebar. Submit the page by clicking the three dots ("kabob" menu) next to Preview Draft at the top right. Then, click Check Content & Submit to save your External Link.

  9. The sidebar should now appear on your page.