Committee on Community- Engaged Learning

The mission and objectives of Community-Engaged Learning were created by the Committee on Community-Engaged Learning in May 2007 and updated in September 2009 by the Academic Administrator for Experiential learning and the Executive Committee on Community-Engaged Learning. 

Our Mission
To address community needs through project-based partnerships of community organizations and academic coursework.

Our Objectives
Within the Community:

  • To create and maintain sustainable partnerships with community organizations based on mutual respect, reciprocity, and community need.
  • To serve as a gateway for community organizations seeking to develop collaborative and beneficial relationships with university classes and co-curricular initiatives.

With Students:

  • To integrate student learning with the teaching and social justice mission of Brandeis.
  • To increase student capacity for active, responsible, citizenship by deepening learning; developing skills, knowledge and values; and increasing leadership capacity.
  • to increase awareness of curricular and co-curricular community initiatives

The Committee on Community-Engaged Learning will:

  • Work to further the mission and achieve the objectives of CEL at Brandeis.
  • Support faculty development in the pedagogy of service-learning and experiential learning to achieve the CEL mission.
  • Document and evaluate effectiveness of community partnerships, student civic learning, and faculty use of CEL as a teaching method.
  • Support and advocate for CEL on and off campus.
  • Advise the senior administration on matters related to Community-Engaged Learning and university partnerships.