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About the city of Waltham

Total Population (2000 Census)
Total Population: 59,226
Under age 5: 2,795
Over age 65: 7,775
Age 6-19: 8,934
Age 18 and over: 50,053

Laborforce, Employment & Unemployment
Year — Labor Force — Employed — Unemployed — Unemployment Rate
2000 — 35,198 — 34,399 — 799 — 2.3
2003 — 34,812 — 32,917 — 1,895 — 5.4
2005 — 34,431 — 33,185 — 1,246 — 3.6
Average Wage (2004): $57,100

Educational Attainment (2000 Census)
Number / Percent
Less than 9th grade 2,320 / 5.8
9th to 12th grade, no diploma 3, 522 / 8.8
High school graduate (GED) 10,134 / 25.4
Some college, no degree 5,927 / 14.9
Associate degree 2,664 / 6.7
Bachelor's degree 9,096 / 22.8
Graduate or professional degree 6,249 / 15.7

Race (2000 Census)
White: 49,145
Hispanic or Latino: 5,031
Asian: 4,318
Black or African American: 2,614
American Indian and Alaska Native: 95
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 38

Selected Characteristics of Waltham Public School Students Compared to State
(Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2008-2009 District Profile)
African American: 9.2%/8.2%
Hispanic: 28.5%/14.3%
White: 53%/69.9%
Asian: 6.7%/5.1%
Limited English Proficient: 36.1%/5.9%
Low-Income: 33.4%/30.7%
Special Education: 21.9%/17.1%
Truancy: 6.3%/2.2%
Grade 9-12 Dropout: 6.25%/3.4%

Housing (2000 Census)
Year Round Housing Units: 23,749 Total Development Units: 1,631
Total Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) Units: 1,631 Percent SHI Units: 6.9%
Public Housing Units (DHCD 1999): Rental Assistance (DHCD 1999):
Conventional State: 542 State: 55
Conventional Federal: 265 Federal: 442

Poverty (2000 Census)
Families living in Poverty: 448
Families living at or below 130% of the Poverty Income Guidelines: 702
Families living at or below 150% of the Poverty Income Guidelines: 891
Families living at or below 185% of the Poverty Income Guidelines: 1,319

Religious Congregations in Waltham

To learn more about the City of Waltham, please consult the following sources:

Waltham Transportation Information

Brandeis Public Safety Shuttle/Van Website

Campus Bran Van- shuttle that runs around the Brandeis campus 7:30am- 2:30am
Monday- Friday

Campus Crystal Shuttle- shuttle that runs to fewer locations on campus 7:30am-
4:30pm Monday- Friday

Waltham Bran Van- shuttle that runs on campus, but also will take you to desired
locations in Waltham- 4:00pm- 2:30am

Waltham Crystal Shuttle- stops throughout Waltham 7:00am- 4:00pm- Monday-

Campus, Harvard Square, Beacon/ Mass. Ave Crystal Shuttle- shuttle that stops
at only these 3 locations

Thursday- 6:00pm- 3:00am

Friday: 3:30pm- 3:30am

Saturday: 3:30pm- 3:30am

Sunday: 12:30pm- 11:30pm

Brandeis Zip Cars

Available between public safety and east quad
You must be 18+ to use the zipcars on campus, but 21+ to use zipcars across
the country. Learn about hourly/ weekly rates: http://www.zipcar.com/brandeis/learn-

Deis' Bikes

Student Union funds free bike use when you show a student ID. All you have to do
is sign up at the information desk in the Shapiro Campus Center to be able to use a
bike and to check it back in. (Helmets are available as well).

MyBrandeis Classifieds- Ride Board

Go to the “Ride Board” section to try to setup carpooling opportunities with other
Brandeis students, faculty, and staff

MA Bay Transportation Authority- Buss Routes/T stops/ Commuter Rail

Busses run in, down, and around the Waltham/ greater Boston area
A standard fee for the bus/ T without a Charlie Card is $1.50
Commuter rail fee= $1. 70- $8.25 depending on zone
T- stops- can connect to T via commuter rail or nearest station is Riverside
(Exit 21 on 95S) where you can pick up the greenline
Commuter Rail is practically on Brandeis campus- diagonally across from the