After school programs

Prospect Hill after school programs will resume on Monday, Sept. 22

68G Prospect Hill Road
Waltham, MA 


Tutors Wanted!

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Proposals Wanted! 

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Prospect Hill Terrace Community Learning Center

The mission of the Prospect Hill Terrace Community Learning Center in Waltham, Massachusetts

Overview: The Community Learning Center at Prospect Hill Terrace, the city of Waltham's largest public housing development, is a collaborative venture between the Brandeis University's Community Engaged Learning Program, the Prospect Hill Tenants' Association, the Waltham Housing Authority and the Waltham Alliance to Create Housing (WATCH). Opened in January 2008, the Center was first housed in a Prospect Hill apartment at 63D Hansen Road; in September 2008 we move to another temporary location, at 68G Prospect Hill Road. We hope in time to move to permanent quarters within the development at 44 Hansen Road.

Population Served: Prospect Hill Terrace, a state-funded public housing development, is currently (as of spring 2008) home to approximately 80 low-income families, primarily of Latino and Haitian background. Languages spoken at home include Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin Vietnamese, Yoruba, Igbo and Nepalese. By late 2008, when current renovations are completed, approximately 120 families will occupy the development, including at least ten families with a physically or developmentally disabled child. There are no available after-school programs within easy walking distance for the complex's young people.

Partnership Goals: At the heart of this initiative is community literacy development, through after-school and enrichment programs that teach the skills of reading, writing and creative expression with an emphasis on optimism, creativity and resilience. Through evolving partnerships linking Brandeis University and numerous Waltham community organizations, we seek to promote an innovative family-oriented culture of imagination and self-discovery, mutually enriching the lives of our students and our community partners.

Our approach emphasizes "family literacy," empowering all members of each family to collaborate closely as they master techniques of engaged reading, writing, listening, artistic expression and thoughtful reflection. We seek to teach "learning for life," imparting to community members a sense that writing, reading and the arts can be their life-long allies. Through workshops and individual tutoring sessions, we seek to expose families at Prospect Hill to the creative arts, the humanities, information technology and the sciences. We also explore and celebrate the diverse and rich cultural backgrounds of the Prospect Hill families, and encourage the development of an active and robust Tenants Association and youth leadership alliance. In so doing, we encourage partners of all ages to shape their own lives, and to help forge a lasting sense of community and civic engagement.

During spring 2008, eight academic Brandeis classes collaborated to offer enrichment programming at Prospect Hill in areas that included computer technology, teen leadership development, creative writing, spoken word poetry, visual arts, dance and musical performance. A weekly housing rights clinic was staffed by Brandeis legal studies students. In addition, about 25 Brandeis students volunteered each week to assist in homework, English language learning and special activities, such as Karate instruction, nature walks and community mural design. Thirty-one children regularly attended our after-school program four afternoons per week. Adult residents dropped in for English language learning, U.S. citizenship preparation and computer instruction.

Current Needs: We are seeking individual, corporate and foundation partners to sustain and expand this important pilot program. Our "wish list" includes:

  • Funds to support a Center coordinator, a Prospect Hill summer intern, Brandeis interns, and computer support
  • Funds to support museum visits and other enrichment activities
  • DVD/VCR player
  • Books
  • Sports equipment

Apply to be a tutor at Prospect Hill!

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See tutoring, workshop & events schedule.

Monday-Thursday from 3:30 to 5:45 p.m.

    * 3:30-4:25: Homework or "Words and Numbers."
    * 4:25-4:35: Snacktime.
    * 4:35-5:40: Structured activity or structured activities with all participants. Parents and family members of all ages are  
       most welcome to participate. (Alternately, children are always welcome to do homework during this time.)
    * 5:40-5:50: Clean up. All children out by 5:50.
    * 5:50-6:00: Tutors and faculty debrief on the days events.

Thursday evenings. Adult Education.

For more information

  • Ms. Manuela Solorzano (President, Prospect Hill Tenants Association) (781) 706-6502.
  • Dr. Mark Auslander (Asst. Professor of Anthropology & Academic Director of Community Engaged Learning) (781) 736-2214.
  • Dr. Ellen Schattschneider (Assoc. Professor of Anthropology & Women's and Gender Studies; Faculty co-supervisor of Brandeis Programs at Prospect Hill) (781) 736-2219.