Student Voices

* "The CEL program has provided me with an invaluable learning and leadership opportunity. Through my work as a CEL Fellow and a member of the Executive Committee, I have met numerous campus and community leaders, learned about fundamental issues for Waltham, Boston, and Brandeis, and ultimately gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for experiential learning. The partnerships I have seen grow between students, community members, and faculty inspire me to continue to work in the public sector and to advocate for community engagement." - Faith Brigham '10*

Student Projects

Here are some examples of student writing and multimedia projects developed in community-engaged courses.

Student: Rachel Sier, Community Resource Guide: Resources, Needs, and Solutions for Latino/a Residents of Waltham

Spanish 105 (Professor Hernández-Guerrero, Gravina and Kireyeva)

Sociology of Religion (Fall 2006, Professor Wendy Cadge)

Memory and Cultural Production in the Mississippi Delta (Spring 2006, Professors Mark Auslander and David Cunningham)
HIST 171b Latino/a History (Silvia Arom)

Museums and Public Memory (Professor Mark Auslander)

ENVS/AMST Courses with Professor Laura Goldin