* "In the spring semester of the '08-09 school year, I was the community engaged fellow for Dr. Mark Auslander's couse Museums and Public Memory. This class gave students the unique opportunity to experience curatorship by collaborating with textile workers, watchmakers, bicycle designers, artists, and other community members to create a museum exhibition for the Boston Cyber Arts Festival. In my capacity as CEF, I served as the liaison between students and community partners for this project, scheduling interviews, inviting them to events, and helping students reflet on these encounters during group meetings." - Anna- Lisa Macon '12*

Student Reflections on Community-Engaged Learning

This is a page to record the reflections of students who have taken community-engaged learning classes or have been involved in community-engaged learning projects.

Tanya Fredman '08,  the Visual Arts CEF had this to say about her collaboration with the Waltham House LGBT youth shelter and the Brandeis Studio Art program:

"About six kids and one counselor came to the studios for about an hour and a half. Four Brandeis seniors gave them a tour of our studios and they were very interested. Students who were working in the studios explained their work and answered questions. Most of the kids had interest in art. After the tour, we brought out a lot of supplies and they spent about 40 minutes painting and drawing. We showed them how to do a monotype on the printing press and they enjoyed that. It was great, both the kids and the Brandeis students really enjoyed. We probably could have used more time with them. I think they would really like to do it again this year. "