Eating Disorder Treatment

The BCC provides support and education around the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and disordered eating.


Students who are curious and/or concerned about their relationship with food are encouraged to set up an appointment to further discuss these issues. Evaluation of these concerns as well as support and guidance around next steps will be provided in this meeting.


Students and or other concerned parties are welcome to contact the BCC to gather insight or education on how they might begin to address issues around food behavior, and/or body image concern. Resources and referral are available upon request, as well as further evaluation of the individual should they be interested.


Students who are in need of ongoing, long-term treatment, or those in need of higher level of care services are encouraged to speak with a BCC clinician about facilitating a referral. Such referrals are made with thought and consideration to a student's needs and are specifically geared towards specialists in the treatment of eating disorders.

Group Therapy and Workshops

Eating Disorder Recovery Group is offered as a supportive space for those in the process of recovery. This is a confidential, process-based group for individuals managing the challenges of recovery in their daily lives. Workshops are offered throughout the year in various settings to educate and support students on healthy habits around eating, body image, and the dangers of diet culture.

Individual Therapy

Confidential exploration of eating disorder behaviors and concerns is addressed with a BCC clinician. Coordination of ongoing care (including connection to health and nutrition services) will be discussed as well as the creation of an effective treatment plan for symptom management