About the Crown Center

A Letter from the Director

ShaiFeldman As the Judith and Sidney Swartz director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University, I am committed to proving that it is possible to produce balanced, objective, and dispassionate research regarding all aspects of the contemporary Middle East. The results of the Center's pioneering research are broadly distributed in an effort to better inform worldwide public discourse about this volatile region.

Established through the generosity of the Crown Family Foundation, the Center's geographic scope encompasses the twenty-two members of the Arab League, stretching from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, as well as Israel, Turkey, and Iran. The Center's research focus extends well beyond Arab-Israeli tensions to include Arab politics, Islamic studies, economic and social developments, and regional security and arms control.

The Center's research staff reflects its broad geopolitical focus. During its first year of operations, experienced researchers with high-level expertise about Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran conducted research for the Center.

In addition to their research activities, the Center's staff teaches undergraduate- and graduate-level courses at Brandeis University, offering students a unique opportunity to learn about different perspectives on the Middle East.

The Center's activities include conducting conferences, seminars, and workshops. In addition to publishing basic research in the form of books and monographs, the Center has created tools for "real-time" distribution of analyses regarding current developments and events in the Middle East.

With a commitment to objective research and such a wide array of activities, the Crown Center is poised to take its place as a leading university research center for the study of the Middle East.


Professor Shai Feldman