Committee for the Support of Teaching (CST)
The CST develops policy and procedural recommendations to support the teaching mission of the university and initiates faculty development programs to improve the quality of teaching at Brandeis. The committee also advises on the administration of the Course Evaluation Instrument.

Curriculum and Academic Restructuring Steering Committee (CARS)
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Dean's Curriculum Committee (DCC)
The DCC was created in the Fall of 2009 to foster greater coordination and cooperation among departments and programs in the formulation of the curriculum.

Experiential Learning Committee (ELC)
The mission of Experiential Learning and Teaching at Brandeis is to help students learn from their experiences and to create experiences from which students will learn. We create deep, reflective and transferable learning outcomes by partnering with both faculty and students.

Task Force on General Education
The Task Force on General Education at Brandeis was created in the spring of 2016 to consider all aspects of university requirements within the context of how we think of ourselves as a university, and to think about the knowledge, skills, and understandings that we believe our students should have by the time they graduate.

Theater Arts Vision Committee (TAVC)
A TAVC considers options for the future of theater at Brandeis with respect to the broad outlines of the graduate and undergraduate curricula, the general shape for the activities of the Brandeis Theater Company, the long-run composition of the theater department faculty, and the staffing structure of the Brandeis Theater Company.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)
The UCC oversees the undergraduate educational activities of the university. It reviews the educational and curricular activities of departments, programs and other academic units contributing to the educational mission of the university, as well as academic rules and regulations, and makes recommendations for action.