2018-19 Faculty Committee:

Irina Dubinina (Chair), Russian

Hisae Fujiwara, Japanese

Elena Gonzalez Ros, Spanish

Sara Hascal, Hebrew

Hollie Harder, French

Ellen Kellman, Yiddish

Eun-Jo Lee, Korean

Xiwen Lu, Chinese

Vinodini Murugesan, English

Kathrin Seidl, German

Paola Servino, Italian

J. Scott Van Der Meid, Study Abroad

Hanan Khashaba, Arabic

Cheryl Walker, Greek and Latin

World Languages and Cultures

The World Languages and Cultures requirement at Brandeis reflects a belief in the importance of understanding language—our own and the language of others—as central to society and culture. The goal of the WLC requirement, therefore, is to prepare students to understand better and to participate in a different culture by developing basic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in another language.

Students satisfy the requirement by successfully completing a third semester course (normally numbered in the 30s) in the introductory language sequence or demonstrating equivalent proficiency. No more than one course (and never the final one) in the sequence may be taken on the pass-fail grading option.