BPA and the Arts

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BPA and the Arts

Spring 2016
The BPA sponsored an exhibit and contest for all members of the Brandeis community to display their interpretation of pluralism and social justice through poetry, painting, performance, photography, dance, short film, spoken word, drawing and more. The winner was Joel Burt-Miller ’16, song and video.

Spring 2015
he BPA sponsored a juried Art Exhibition as part of 'DEIS Impact.  "BPArt:  Pluralism and the Arts" featured works that demonstrated how the arts create and inspire values related to pluralism, unity and social justice, and how the artists interpreted these themes through their work. The BPA invites you to continue to integrate the arts into the life of the Brandeis community, to enrich social activism, and to support campus engagement in the arts. As Justice Louis Brandeis stated, "The function of the University in respect to the arts should not be limited to promoting understanding and appreciation. It should strive to awaken the creative instinct, to encourage its exercise and development, and to stimulate action."

  • First prize: Amelie de Germay de Cirfontaine '18, photographs
  • Second prize: Clayre Benzadon '17, poems
  • Third prize: Joel Burt-Miller '16, song; and Nyah Macklin '16 and Theo Goetemann '17, song
Spring 2014
The BPA sponsored a juried Art Exhibition as part of 'DEIS Impact to explore the connections between Pluralism, Unity, Social Justice and the Arts  Congratulations to all our winners and 'DEIS Impact Exhibition participants for encouraging the Brandeis community to celebrate pluralism!
  • First Prize: Bronte Velez, poems
  • Second Prize: Michelle Oberman, watercolor
  • Third Prize: Theodore Goetemann, music

Spring 2013
The Brandeis Pluralism Alliance sponsored a haiku poem contest to encourage BPA grant recipients and the respective event participants to display their views on pluralism at Brandeis with the incentive to gain more funding for their BPA-sponsored project.

Winning haiku by Kevin Zhang:

Winning Entry of Spring 2013