Spring 2014

These grants have been awarded to student and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

APAHM Closing Ceremony
Recipient: Andrew An
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
The Brandeis Asian American Student Association wants to end APAHM with an extravaganza of performances. InspirASIAN is a celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. We have a variety of performances lined up and a complementary dinner for everyone. Jun Curry Ahn will be performing beautiful violin melodies and a adazzling Chinese light-up yo-yo show. Frances Chang, Sophia Pascual, and Leila Pascual will sing their hearts out with powerful duets and stunning vocals. Giang Luc will use his amazing voice to belt out songs that will be heard in an entirely new perspective. The Jubilee Project will join us for a special video and presentation that everyone should see. Project Plus 1 will be collaborating with BAASA as well! Don't miss out on free food, wonderful performances, and a celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans!

APAHM Opening Ceremony
Recipient: Andrew An
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
What is APAHM I hear you say? Well, it stands for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This event, along with our SKIN Fashion Show and Closing Ceremony, will celebtate Asian American culture, history, and heritage. To celebrate, we will have an array of wonderful performances from students and professionals alike. We will feature dancing from groups such as Bhangra and Bharatnatyan, singing from our very own talented Leila May Pascual, spoken word brought to you by Yevin Roh, and a captivating presentation by Dan Tran.

Ayala (feat. JR Aquino)
Recipients: Stephanie Anciro and Kaiwen Chen
Brandeis South East Asian Club
This year we have a number of talents performing, such as Brandeis' Kaos Kids and Manginah, as well as our guest performer, JR Aquino, who was on "The Voice" and "American Idol". He is a rising youtube star of Filipino descent that accentuates our theme this year, Barrio Fiesta. Barrio Fiesta is a term used in the Filipino culture that symbolizes the strength of community and unity of culture. As SEAC, we aim to use this show to bring Brandeis campus the rich culture and diversity of the South East Asian area, as well as showcase other talents of performers on and off campus for our cause, AmeriCares, and their efforts in the Philippines.

Brandeis Martial Arts & Cultural Expo
Recipients: David Lee and Rebecca Mitchell 
Brandeis Martial Arts and Tae Kwon Do
This expo is a festival celebrating the importance of martial arts to various cultures around the world and the opportunities present right here on the Brandeis campus. It will also showcase how martial arts are important for both self-defense and self-esteem.

Eliminating Stereotypes: Native American Culture and Medicine Through a New Lens
Recipients: Matthew O'Leary, Kimberly Montano, Sarah Skolnick, Irene Wong, and Iris Yang
Leader-Scholar Community
In "Eliminating Sterotypes: Native American Culture and Medicine Through a New Lens", Ms. Claudia A. Fox Tree, M. Ed., of the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness, will speak on dismantling stereotypes and misconceptions of Native American communities. Applications will include Native American cultural and western medicine with a discussion of health disparities.

Recipient: Sharada Sanduga
Join Namaskar and the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance to celebrate the arrival of spring with colors, food and friends!

I AM A Narrative of Change
Recipient: Christine Darko
Brandeis Student Support Services Program
The I AM A NARRATIVE OF CHANGE event will showcase the impact of social justice and TRiO on the lives and future goals of students in the Brandeis Student Support Services Program.

JSA Harumatsuri
Recipients: Lily Li and Lisa Xu
Brandeis Japanese Student Association
Come join Brandeis' Japanese Student Assocation for our annual Spring Festival! There will be food, games, and fun in a carnival-like atmosphere -- and learn about the Japanese culture behind it all!

K-nite 2014
Recipient: Judy Nam
Brandeis Korean Student Association
K-Nite is BKSA's annual culture show. This year we're presenting Korea's cafe culture with various acts and performances. Ranging from fan dance to rock band, we have a fun and eventful night planned for anyone to join. Come out and try Korean food, pastries, and coffee as well as experiencing part of a culture that has been around for thousands of years. See you soon!

The Book Project
Recipient: Michelle Yi

The Many Faces of Africa
Recipients: Bezaye Teshome and Hannah Young
Brandeis African Students' Organization

The 4th Annual Cultural Food Gala
Recipients: Nelly Schlaefereit and Hannah Young
Anthropology Club
The Annual Cultural Food Gala is an umbrella event by the Anthropology Club that showcases 14 cultural clubs on campus: AHORA!, Brandeis African Students Organization, Brandeis Sephardic Initiative, Brandeis Zionist Alliance, Cheese Club, International Club, Russian Club, Southeast Asian Club, Taiwanese Student Association, Yiddish Club, Brandeis Vegansa nd Vegetarians Club, Students for Environmental Action, Muslim Students Organization, and German food. Each club will present an authentic dish from their culture or background at the event. We will also provide some background information on each dsh, and give our guests a chance to reflect on the dishes and their experiences.

The 6th Brandeis Undergraduate Research Conference
Recipient: Scott Kluger
Sex and Sexuality Symposium
The Sex and Sexuality Symposium is holding its annual Conference to share undergraduates' research in the diverse studies of gender, sex, and sexuality from all different departments. Refreshments will be served.