Spring 2016

These grants have been awarded to student and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Al-Quds Student Dialogue Initiative
Recipient: Leah Susman
Brandeis Al-Quds Student Dialogue Initiative
The Brandeis-Al-Quds Student Dialogue Initiative will be bringing six Al-Quds University students and two faculty members to Brandeis from March 21-26, 2016. This delegation will include student dialogue, academic exploration, cross-cultural conversation, and an oral history project. This goal of this project is to take a productive step toward the reestablishment of the suspended Brandeis-Al-Quds academic partnership. 

Recipients: Sharon Cai and Jennifer Sun
Brandeis Southeast Asian Club
Ayala is Southeast Asia Club's annual cultural and charity show. Come celebrate Southeast Asian culture with a night of performances and delicious food and help raise money for the Indochina Starfish Foundation!

Breaking Binary: A Post-It Discussion on Being Genderqueet
Recipient: Danni Tang
DEIS Impact and
Join Queer Policy Alliance for a Post-It exhibit and music video-driven discussion about non-binary identity and the gender binary! Men, women, and non-binary people alike are very welcome at this DEIS Impact event; free stickers, buttons, and refreshments will be available! 

B'yachad Annual Show
Recipients: Linday Weiner and Lianne Gross
Come see Brandeis' semi-professional Israeli dance troupe's annual show, filled with Israeli food, fun, and dance! Featuring cultural dance groups from across the Boston area. 

Chinese Spring Gala Festival
Recipients: Yan Wang and Chung-Hsien Ho
Brandeis Chinese Cultural Club
Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese event where families and friends gather together to celebrate the coming of a new year. During this time of joy and celebration, people enjoy performances, food and other entertainment. The event's  goal is to bring this experience to a western culture where Chinese culture is not as prevalent. The event will consist of a Chinese musical, songs and dances that are dedicated to mimicking the atmosphere of a traditional Chinese New Year.

Consent and Cookies: Building Consent Confidence with Yana Tallon-Hicks
Recipients: Gabriel Fontes and Sam Daniels
DEIS Impact and Brandeis Students for Reproductive Justice
This interactive workshop brings to life practical consensual communication tools and techniques via decorating and eating sugar cookies. Participants will leave equipped to break down common barriers standing in the way of creating a culture of consensual communication and equality on our campus and in our bedrooms.

Diversity Conference
Recipient: Nyah Macklin
Brandeis' first ever student planned diversity conference, open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and non-Brandeis affiliates, delves into controversial issues regarding diversity on and off campus. Explore ways in which we can enact change in our respective communities. Come Recognize, Empower, and Change!

Express Yo'self
Recipient: Marcelo Brociner
There is now a space in the library where anybody can freely express their artistic selves. The space, which is located next to the printers on the main floor of the library, includes three large walls that serve as an open canvas for anybody looking for an outlet to depict their inspiration.

Recipients: Alvin Liu and Krista Hu
Taiwanese Student Association
This annual culture show revolves around the different regions of Taiwan and highlights the specialties that each region brings. Come experience what the beautiful island of Taiwan has to offer.

Freedom to Marry Week
Recipient: Danni Tang
Queer Policy Alliance
Join QPA for a 3-day exploration of the past, present, and future of American marriage equality. On Monday, we'll learn how activists throughout American history have worked for marriage equality. On Tuesday, we'll sign thank you letters and petitions to work for further change. And on Wednesday, we'll wrap up with an open forum on where we go from here as activists, queer people, and allies. Free food available! 

From Ford Hall to Flint: A Conversation on Environmental Racism
Recipient: Saren McAllister
Ford Hall 2015 and Brandeis Climate Justice
In conclusion of the #FordHall4Flint campaign, please join the activists of Ford Hall 2015 for "From Ford Hall to Flint: A Conversation About Environmental Racism and Activism." The event will feature a panel of Brandeis graduate and undergraduate students, professors, and activists who will speak about environmental racism, the Flint Water Crisis, and how the Brandeis community can be engaged.
You can contribute to the #FordHall4Flint campaign until March 4 by donating to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint's Flint Child Health and Development Fund here: www.gofundme.com/fordhall4flint

I Am Awareness Week
Recipient: Wilkins Lugo
Student Leadership Board
Learn more about the Student Support Service Program (SSSP) by visiting a tabling session and viewing the Humans of SSSP exhibit. 

Jaded Magazine Coffeehouse
Recipient: Stephanie Anciro
Jaded Literary Magazine
Jaded Launch Party is an end-of-the-semester showcase of the works that are published in the semester issue.  Writers are invited  to read their works out loud if they choose to do so. This launch party is dedicated to providing a space for people to share stories and experiences, reflect on people’s identities and cultivate a community. Everyone is welcome to pass through, read the works, pick up the magazine, and engage in conversation.

Justice Jam
Recipients: Eric Danowski and Mya Goodman
Critical Perspectives in Urban Education (ED170)
Justice Jam is an event series in which the students of Professor Derron Wallace’s “Critical Perspectives in Urban Education” course share some of the key concepts of the course with the larger Brandeis community. Justice Jam creates a space for Brandeis students, alumni, and faculty to connect with Massachusetts-based activists in order to address the question: “How can we redress injustice in urban education?” This event will consist of short TED-style talks, student performances, and a Q&A session.

Recipient: Sang Min Lee
Brandeis Korean Student Association
This cultural show is held every spring by the Korean Student Association. The event aims to promote Korean culture through performances. These performances highlight Korean-American and traditional Korean heritage, which may not be well known in the Brandeis community.

Miles Hodges Comes to Brandeis: Black History is Divine
Recipients: Marlharrissa Lagardere and Witney Christie
Brandeis Black Student Organization
Through the inclusion of lyrical freedom and creative fusion, Miles Hodges, who has performed in India and Haiti and has been featured on the HBO Documentary 'Brave New Voices', will perform slam poetry from his highly acclaimed repertoire. To add poetic diversity to the showcase, students from the Brandeis community will have the opportunity to perform alongside Miles Hodges.

Moments in Time
Recipient: Linda Phiri
"Moments In Time" is a publication that has worked to capture the lived experiences of refugees in Recife, Brazil, shared in their words and on their terms. On April 8th from 6-7pm in the SCC Multi-purpose Room we will be gathering in acknowledgement and appreciation of their experiences. Included in the event schedule will be musical and dance performances, as well as an ongoing art exhibition. This event is opened to the public and light refreshments will be served. 

Recipients: Niranjana Warrier and Gregory Bonacci
Olio is Brandeis' premier platform for international students to share their insights with the rest of the student population. This literary magazine will be published and distributed toward the end of the spring semester.

REVIVAL: Open Mic Poetry Night
Recipients: Clayre Benzadon and Alona Weimer
This monthly student-run event aims to bring everyone together through the power of spoken word, poetry, song, dance and other forms of expression.

Sex and Sexuality Research Conference
Recipient: Aynsley O'Neill

Sex and Sexuality Symposium (SASS)
Brandeis' Sex and Sexuality Symposium is proud to announce the 8th Annual Sex and Sexuality Research Conference, which celebrates the academic research done by students in the fields of gender, sex and sexuality. There is a particular focus on intersectionality between various aspects of personal identity, such as expression of sexuality and age, or gender identity and race. This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Madina Agénor, who will be discussing how sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity simultaneously affect women's health. 

Stonewall Reimagining the Movement
Recipient: Ashani Peterkin
Queer People of Color Coalition
This will be a conversation with Professor Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman that discusses the events leading up to stonewall. In the wake of the Stonewall movie, we will dispel the fiction of white cis-queer white men as the cause of the stonewall riots which inspires current Pride Parade across the globe. We will have a discussion the centralizes the queer non-binary and trans people of color that sparked the stonewall riots. 

TRISK Annual Drag Show: Queen of Hearts
Recipient: Kesi Kmt
Come unleash the queen in you! Work the runway with all your fierce drag fashions to win prizes and become apart of the royal court. Prizes include; Queen of bravery, Queen of creativity, and Queen of Shadeee. Hosted by Naya T. Steven's of the Great Movement this is bound to be the event of the year! Everyone in the audience is invited to dress up in their vogue best and walk the runway. If you're not sure where to start for an outfit check out our Do's and Don'ts of Drag: Costume Workshop Event April, 11th in International lounge. Bring your ideas, clothing and makeup and we'll help you construct your look.