Prize Recipients

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UDR Recognition Prize

UDRs are required to submit UDR Activity Reports twice a semester.  These reports let us know about the valuable and impactful work that is being done by UDRs for their departments and programs.  Selection of UDR Recognition Prize winners will be based on information that has been submitted by UDRs in their UDR Activity Reports. Recognition prizes will be awarded once each semester.

The winners, in addition to being showcased on our website and in communications to the UDRs, will receive a lunch for themselves, a friend and a faculty member of their choice in the Faculty Club.

Spring 2017 UDR Recognition Prize Recipients

Gabi Hersch, Religious Studies UDR

The work that Gabi did to initiate and organize the panel on “Religious and Cultural Perspectives on Immigration in the United States” was timely and valuable.  The event attained its goals of educating, initiating dialogue, and inspiring action by bringing together multiple religious/cultural experts to discuss how religious teachings are applicable to understanding current US immigration policy. The discussion tackled questions such as, “Are people in America inclined to help immigrants because of their own history of discrimination?” and “Are people worried about how the changing American demographic will impact their group identity?” Overall, the event was attended by approximately 50 people who learned and engaged in this very important topic. The Religious Studies program and the Brandeis community at large benefited from her efforts.

Theater Arts UDR Team

The work that Andrew Child, Sara Kenney, Sarah Steiker and Keturah Walker have performed for their department is valuable and creative. Their events and initiatives addressed the needs of prospective and current Theater Arts majors and minors, and benefited the department greatly. By facilitating improved communication to students, holding a successful Meet the Majors event, and addressing the needs of departmental seniors, the Theater Arts UDRs have improved the experience of many students.

The initiatives/events the Theater Arts UDRs are being recognized for are:

  • Headshot Photographer Event
    The Theater Arts UDRs held an event specifically for graduating majors in which a professional performance headshot photographer came for free 20-minute sessions. They were responding to ideas within the department that there are specialized resources for those seeking a career in the arts that the department may be the most apt to address. The event was well attended providing 20 minute photo shoots to 10 students and a complimentary print of a photo of their choosing, along with digital access to the photo.
  • Theater Arts Listserv
    The Theater Arts UDRs created a new listserv for majors and minors to consolidate and decrease the number of emails they receive from faculty and staff on a regular basis, and put them all together in one place as a weekly newsletter, which is sent out each Friday afternoon. Faculty, staff, and students can send in information about theater opportunities in the department, personal initiatives, theatre events in Boston, and job and internship information to be publicized. The listserv is also a way for the UDRs to engage non-Theater Arts students to ensure higher audition turnouts and garner greater interest and participation in the department’s ongoing events.
  • Meet the Majors Event
    The Theater Arts UDR's held a Meet the Majors event to welcome old and new faces to the department. They gave current first-years an opportunity to meet upperclassmen majors, ask about upcoming opportunities (i.e. auditions) in the department, and meet department staff. The UDRs also introduced the department's new management assistant to students.