Fall 2005

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

"A Trip Through Time: Hip Hop" 
Recipients: Candis Bellamy and Eric Poringer
A Theatrical event that celebrates the evolution of the hip hop genre through music, dance, art, and the spoken word. 

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 
Recipients: Jennifer Nelligan and Naomi Chung
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
A month-long commemoration of the achievements of Asian Pacific Americans. This year's theme is "Unity Through Diversity."

Brandeis Black Student Association/ Hillel Treasure Hunt 
Recipients: Joanna Drusin and Kyle Turner
Brandeis Black Student Association and Hillel
As participants from these two communities enjoy a campus-wide treasure hunt, they will get to know each other and learn more about both national and Brandeis-focused Black/Jewish historical relations and discover common bonds.

Brandeis Women's Publication: "Free Your Voice" 
Recipient: Rebecca Hanus
Brandeis Women's Publication
Another edition of the campus literary magazine dedicated to poetry, prose, visual art, political insight, and resources pertaining to issues that affect women.

Earth Week 
Recipients: Benjamin Kuss and Rebeccah Horowitz
A week-long program focusing on sustainability and environmental issues with the goal of inspiring awareness and activism.

Eliot Chang Comedy Show and Workshop 
Recipients: Janet Kim and Jackie Sukhontarug
This stand-up comic from New York City has appeared on Comedy Central and Spike TV comedy show. "Asians in the Media" Q&A to follow.

Hip Hop Spoken Word Artist and Unity Workshop 
Recipients: Elana Keiffer and Beth Garbutt
A workshop and performance by Slam poet Kevin Coval to address issues on the topics of minority vs. majority and hip-hop as a religious movement.

How Will You Save the World: A Night of Social Justice 
Recipient: Samantha Pohl
Danny Siegel, author, poet and social justice educator, speaks about how Brandeis students can creatively and successfully effectuate social change.

Islamic Culture 
Recipients: Taimur Dad and Farrah Bdour
A series of events featuring guest speakers that focus on art, architecture, and music from different cultures within Islam.

Journey to a New Home: ESL Narratives 
Recipient: Miriam Jacobson
ESL Learning Initiative
A collection of narratives about their experiences as an immigrant, written by ESL students, with the assistance of their Brandeis student tutors.

"Joyce Scott" 
Recipients: Kathryn Moore and Ariel Berman
Lecture and art show featuring Joyce Scott. Her work addresses a variety of social issues, from gender and race relations to violence in America, and makes her audience question their relationships with themselves and the people around them.

Monsoon- the Asian Journal of Brandeis University 
Recipients: Karen Jian and Eliot Veloso
Presents the Brandeis campus with eclectic perspectives on Asian ethnicity, heritage, politics, economy, and culture.

Recipient: Rachel Hillman
A celebration of the Jewish holiday to include all denominations of the religion as well as other members of the community.

Students March Against AIDS 
Recipient: Kate Kleyman 
Brandeis students will participate in this rally in Washington D.C. to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic in developing countries.

Teatro Revolution Presents DUTCHMAN 
Recipients: Seth Berstein and Kate Moore
Taking place entirely on a subway car, this play uses a striking and poetic narrative style to comment about race and gender in urban America.

"That Takes Ovaries" 
Recipient: Kate Pouilliard 
A collection of real-life stories from women and girls about the gutsy, outrageous, courageous things they have done, ranging from playful to political.

The Parents Circle: Bereaved Families Forum 
Recipients: Abigail Weiner and Ayham Bahnassi
Join bereaved family members of an Israeli and a Palestinian killed in the conflict, and learn about love, grief, and the power of dialogue.

Tibetan Nuns 
Recipients: leonard Pader and Michael Popper
Tibetan nuns will discuss their struggle for freedom, followed by a traditional Buddhist service.

Women in Developing African Economies 
Recipients: Jennifer Helgeson and Robert Lange
A festive evening of African food, music, dance, and discussion of the importance of women in development.

Youth Arts from Sevastopol, Ukraine 
Recipient: Hannah Taytslin
An exhibition of works from a professional Youth Arts School, aimed at exposing the community to the culture of the Ukraine.