Fall 2007

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Comedy Show and Workshop
Recipient: Brandon Chu
The Comedian Eliot Chang will perform a 1 hour comedy sketch for Brandeis University and will then hold a 1 hour Q&A workshop. The goal of this project is to host an event that is fun, appeals to the entire university, and promotes cultural awareness.

Recipients: Justic Becker and Erika Geller
A production that highlights issues that relate to discrimination in many cultures, including present-day America. The goal is to raise awareness on campus to help promote understanding and acceptance of differences that exist between people.

Recipients: Nithya Setty and Kamolika Roy
South East Asian Student Association
Diwali is the festival of lights and is about celebrating life and hoping for wealth and prosperity. The event is celebrated with the lighting of many candles and lights. This Hindu holiday is celebrated by all those who are Hindu, Jain, or Sikh, thus bringing together those of many faiths.

Heal the World
Recipients: Sheela Chandrashekar and Yael Kreitman
The first phase of the project will involve an experiential showcase and a medical supplies drive that will address the Brandeis community before FIMRC leaves in April for Costa Rica. The second phase is a trip to Costa Rica during April break. Brandeis volunteers will assist with tasks ranging from leading health education classes and community discussions, to running workshops about gender-related procedures, to the day-to-day running of the clinic, and to clinical visits and minor medical procedures.

Hispanic Heritage Month
Recipients: Liliana Canela and Fanny Familia
A time dedicated to exploring and sharing the Latino culture. HHM runs throughout September and October. This month is about appreciating our differences and looking beyond them to focus on our similarities and build a strong and united community. The events planned will reflect efforts to unify a great part of the Brandeis community.

Iftars in Residence
Recipients: Bill Huff ad Anum Khan
Muslim Student Association
A series of events during which each of the quad staffs hosts six Iftars, working with the Muslim Students Association to raise campus awareness about Ramadan, while also providing sustenance for the members of the Brandeis community. This program will foster networking between residents, MSA members, and other members of the community, as well as provide a more thoughtful understanding of Ramadan and the Muslim faith.

Kol Nashim: Brandeis Jewish Women's Retreat
Recipient: Rachel Lewis
The mission of this retreat is to bring together a diverse group of self-identified Jewish women from the Brandeis community to explore questions such as what makes us women, what makes us Jewish, and how those identities materialize, converge and conflict.

Multicultural Cookbook
Recipients: Yaeli Bronstein and Vivya Vangala
The creation of a multicultural cookbook with contributions from a variety of campus religious and cultural groups. This will bring different groups and people together to interact and learn about different cultures through food as a medium.

Recipients: Ryan McElhaney and Katie Nadworny
A production by the Free Play Theater Cooperative of the Oscar Wilde one-act Salome. Addresses what can happen when understanding between two groups breaks down. Explores the themes in the Wilde show that are still relevant today and further expands people's perception of what is considered acceptable theater.

Second Stage Forum
Recipients: Ingrid Schorr and Sarah Brin
Brandeis Theater Company
A free theater performance for the class of 2011 that will enable sophomores to take part in related academic discussions led by faculty, graduate students, and alumni. The program begins with the Brandeis Theater Company's production of The Threepenny Opera. It continues on to the tradition of a shared class experience with a focus on interdisciplinary study, experiential learning, and enhancing community.

Student Peace Alliance National Conference
Recipients; Daniel Miodovnik and Sarah Rubinton
The first annual Student Peace Alliance National Conference will bring together student and youth leaders from around the country to develop their peace-building and community organizing skills so that they can effectively create positive change in their communities.

The Love of the Nightingale
Recipients: Rebecca Webber and Susie Quantance
Timberlake Wertenbaker's retelling of the Greek myth of Philomela unearths the violence that stems from enforced silence. Presented by the Free Play Theatre Cooperative.