Spring 2007

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

APAHM: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Recipients: Sharon Kim and Gina Ahn
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
It has been a long-time tradition at Brandeis to commemorate the contributions and achievements of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States since 2004.  In recent years, we have extended what was originally a one-week long celebration to a month filled with a variety of events and activities that educate and entertain the Asian Pacific American community, as well as the greater Brandeis community, about the histories, traditions, and cultures of our ancestors.  The events also address current issues relevant to the Asian American community.  

Brandeis Buddhist Community Events
Recipients: Julian Taub and Albert Tantular
A group devoted to promote Buddhism awareness on campus. Several events will be planned. One of them will be "Change Your Mind Day," including different speakers presenting different aspects of Buddhism, a meditation session, and refreshments.

Can Religion and Science Work Together to Solve the World's Most Challenging Issues?
Recipient: Farbod Hagigi
This event will focus on increasing the dialogue among the religious and scientific communities regarding their respective roles in moving humanity towards an ever-advancing civilization.  We would like to extend invitations to religious representatives and leaders on campus as well as to faculty and staff from all different disciplines to attend an event where there will be a large panel discussion focused around specific questions related to religion and science working together to solve the world’s problems.  This panel would be engaged in an open question and answer period from those in the audience. 

ESL Book Project
Recipient: Anna Lober
ESL Learning Initiative
ESL Learning Initiative is a way of recognizing Brandeis employees who wish to learn English  and allowing them to understand that they are not ignored by the Brandeis community.  Since the beginning of this fairly new club, each member of the club has guaranteed that the employees are appreciated for their generosity and diligence. The central goal behind ESL is to enhance Brandeis employees' knowledge of English such that they may be more comfortable communicating with, and understanding, Brandeis constituents, employers, and other individuals outside of the Brandeis community.

Fast-breaking dinner and Rivdan celebration
Recipients: Remz Pojorny and Farbod Hagigi
Baha’is fast for 19 days from sunrise to sunset. This dinner is to celebrate the Baha’i fasting period and to have others come and share in that experience.

Greed, An Original Rap Musical
Recipients: Nicholas Brown and William Chalmus
Written and directed by senior William Chalmus, Greed examies greed as a dichotomy between selfless and selfish greed, while examining issues of race, urban culture, coexistence and social justice.

Recipients: Kamolike Roy and Nithya Setty
South East Asian Student Association
Our proposed project is Holi. The Hindu festival commemorates the coming of spring and the season of love. It is celebrated by many around the world. Traditionally, people throw colored powder and water at one another as a means of expressing the joy that is evoked by the season. The story of Holi originates with Lord Krishna, the famous blue god of the Hindu faith..

Homies in Harmony: Music, Food, and More With Jewish and Muslim Students
Recipients: Joseph Farbeann and Baya Harrison
A program designed to foster friendships between Jewish and Muslim students on campus. Ethnic/religious musical performances form the center of the program. Vegetarian, Kosher ethnic foods will be served as a snack.

Hunger Banquet
Recipients: Allyson Goldsmith and Eowyn Greeno
The Hunger Banquet will be a hands-on interactive demonstration of socio-economic diversity through the serving of food. It will also be a discussion of practical ways for people to help end extreme poverty through the Millennium Development Goals while at Brandeis.

Koreas Unite!
Recipients: Joyce Kong and Michael Yim
Korean Student Association
A culture show showcasing musical and dance performances, taekwondo demonstrations, and cultural pieces including a short film encapsulating the Korean American experience of KSA members at Brandeis. The show is to be followed by free food and an afterparty.

Lunar New Year Event
Recipients: Helen Lee and Ian Teng
Brandeis Chinese Cultural Club
A night for community members to achieve a sense of awareness and understanding of Chinese culture featuring performances, games, and vendors from off campus. 

Queer Jewish Social
Recipients: Matthew Schutzer and Aaron Finegold
A night of food, games, movies, and discussion to get to know members of the Brandeis Queer and Jewish communities, and a chance to talk to each other about issues that affect us all.

There and Back Again: A journey into the Health of a Community
Recipients: Hana Akslerod and Trang Nguyen
The project is made up of two phases: the FIMRC trip to Costa Rica, followed by a night of sharing our experience with the Brandeis community. This showcase will be worked out in more detail nearer to spring, but so far plans to include: student presentations about the experience, essays written by trip participants reflecting on the experience, a photography exhibit, an introduction to the history/politics of the region, Teatro Revolucion performance, and ethnic food.

Those With Voice
Recipients: Jefferson Arak and Daniel Duffy
Two leading filmmakers in the world of indigenous media come to present films from Southern Mexico as well as discuss their experiences. For two days at Brandeis they talk about their lives on the front lines of major initiatives for indigenous control over the ways in which American Indians are represented in film.

Recipient: Shaina Gilbert
Transitional Year Program
The phenomenal Transitional Year Program Scholars, current and alum, will collectively educate and share the the contributions and history of TYP with the Brandeis community. The day will note TYP's legacy to Brandeis University through video and powerpoint presentations, food, music, photo galleries, performances, and more.

Worker Appreciation Project
Recipients: Lauren Abramowitz and Rachel Kleinbaum
The goal of this project is to increase awareness of the individuals that work alongside students and faculty as to show the community's appreciation for the janitorial and facilities staff and their roles on campus. We will achieve our goal through implementing the "Appreciation Station," where students will make cards, and by starting the coffee initiative (serving coffee to the morning/night shifts once a month).