Fall 2010

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

A Night for Pakistan
Recipients: Aziz Sohail, Anushka Aqil, and Wajida Syed
Project Nur, VOCAL, and Brandeis for Pakistan Relief
This project aims to bring the Brandeis community together under the values of civic consciousness and cultural celebration. Sponsored by Project Nur, VOCAL, Brandeis for Pakistan Relief, and other clubs on campus, this event is a response to one of the worst humanitarian disasters Pakistan has ever seen.   The event will feature a keynote speaker, Kamran Pasha, musical performances, spoken word, dance performances, slideshow, art exhibit and refreshments. Through this event the organizers hope to bring awareness about Pakistan culture and heritage and the floods, while at the same time raising money for flood victims.

Campus Camp Wellstone
Recipients: Sahar Massachi and Geneva Boyer
Campus Camp Wellstone is a two day training and leadership program recognized as the best training for college activists in the country. Students learn very concrete skills, like the nitty gritty of campaign planning, grassroots organizing, and message development; how to successfully recruit and retain volunteers; and how to develop new leadership.

Sriya Srikrishnan and Jasnam Sachatep
Known as the “Festival of Lights”, Diwali is an important 5-day festival in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. In the past it has been celebrated together with the Navratri festival. The event will display and explain the religious and cultural aspect of the celebration. It hopes to educate people about Diwali, its place, meaning, and history, and bring a religious dialogue to Brandeis University.

Dream BIG: A Brandeis Speak-In
Erica Shaps and Grace Killian
The Dream BIG event will be held in collaboration with speak-ins at nineteen other colleges and universities during the week. Using a concept created by the Interfaith Youth Core this is an exciting opportunity for Brandeis to be part of a larger national effort. By finding a cause that is important to students of different faith traditions, the group hopes to create an opportunity to simultaneously promote pluralism and understanding while helping others.

Famni Ki Li Ansamn, Families Reading Together
Recipient: Londyn Graham
This event hopes to promote Haitian family literacy by bringing beautiful picture books for young children about Haiti and its culture to two community groups in Mattapan, the Mattapan Head Start Center and the Mattapan Public Library. The program is an extension of many past efforts by Brandeis students, faculty and staff to promote reading in families who do not have a tradition of reading with their children before they go off to school.

Recipient: Sidak Pannu
Brandeis South Asian Student Association
Mela is SASA’s (South Asian Students Association) annual cultural show, held every fall. One of the largest cultural shows on campus, it showcases South Asian culture through a variety of acts such as traditional and modern dances. An integral part of the show is the showcasing of the diverse cultures South Asia has to offer. We hope to both entertain and educate the Brandeis Community about South Asian life.

Wong Fu Productions Fall College Tour Event
Recipients: Lina Bui and Brian Spin
Brandeis South East Asian Club
This event, organized by the South East Asia Club, will bring Wong Fu Productions, an independent film company to campus. The company creates shorts films that portray Asian Americans differently from mainstream media. Through these screenings the goal is to go beyond common stereotypes that depict Asian Americans and break frequent misperceptions about Asian cultures. The hope is that students leave this event with a greater and more accurate understanding.