Spring 2012

These grants have been awarded to student and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

All About Korea: Korean Performing Arts from Traditional to Modern
Recipient: Christina Kolokotroni
A visual arts project consisting of Korean-themed art, dance, and video that strives to further spread Korean culture and identity to our surrounding environment, resulting in greater understanding and appreciation.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Recipient: Victoria Lee
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month commemorates the struggles and accomplishments of Asians and Asian Americans in our society today. A month long celebration, various clubs on campus, including the Brandeis Asian American Student Association, the Korean Student Association, the Japanese Student Association, Chinese Cultural Connection, South East Asian Club, South Asian Student Association, and Taiwanese Student Association will host events all of March to share with the Brandeis community how we are making our mark in the world today.

Recipients: Jenna Schlags and Lenny Somervell
We are putting on an interpretation of Shakespeare's Cymbeline in order to explore issues of gender and sexuality through Shakespeare. We will also use the show as a platform to raise awareness of corrective rape. There will be a talk-back after the performance to discuss these issues with the cast, crew, and Brandeis community.

Recipient: Aziz Sohail
Dunya, which means world in multiple languages, is a musicians’ collective founded by composer, musician and musicologist Mehmet Sanlikol and ethnomusicologist Robert Labaree in 2004. They present music styles within and beyond Turkish music. Their goal is to present a contemporary view of a wide range of Turkish traditions, alone and in interaction with other world traditions, through performance, publication and other educational activities. They have toured across Europe and US, been featured by many media sources including NPR and have even submitted their recent CD for the Grammy awards.

Feminist Coming Out Week
Recipients: Amalia Bob-Waksberg and Kathryn Flaherty
Feminist Coming Out Week is a campus-wide event designed to dispel common stereotypes about feminists and demonstrate the unrecognized feminist community on campus in a manner that welcomes students to the movement and educates about feminism.

From Vincent Chin to Marriage Equality
Recipient: Stephanie Lee
Helen Zia is a social activist who has been involved in the Asian American, LGTBQ, and feminist movements with a focus on bringing to the public view issues on civil rights and the law. Helen's discussion will focus on how sexual orientation and marriage equality have intersected with the Asian American Pacific Islander community.

Food for Thought
Recipient: Rawda Aljawhary
Brandeis Interfaith Group
Brandeis Interfaith Group (BIG) provides an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie in which questions of faith are raised and shared. This series of faculty-led discussions on faith will use a Socratic seminar style to converse openly about faith and spirituality while enjoying some delicious treats.

Recipients: Marsha Patel and Sharan Shan
The Brandeis community comes together to celebrate the arrival of Spring and commemorate different South Asian traditions with color and spirit.

I am Legendary
Recipients: Assiatou Ka and Katrina Osborne
The Student Support Services Program
The Student Support Services Program’s Student Leadership Board have crafted an event featuring a documentary created by current Student Support Services Program (SSSP) students about the impact of the legacies left behind by our members. In the past, they have introduced who they are as a community and their leadership roles on campus. This year, they are embracing the legacy they leave behind on campus that makes them legendary as they continue to progress. SSSP hopes to emphasize the power in telling their personal story by using creative ways to vocalize their experience.

KSA K-nite
Recipients: Anece Ahn and Hong Koo Lee
Brandeis Korean Student Association
K-Nite, hosted by the Korean Student Association (KSA), is an annual event dedicated to serve and educate the Brandeis community of the Korean American heritage. The event features both traditional and modern cultures of Korea through music, dance, and other forms of the arts. The theme of this year’s event will be “a tour of Korea.” After the show, we will provide a broad variety of traditional Korean dishes.

LGBT Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) with S. Bear Bergman
Recipient: Sara Fried
Shalem is hosting a workshop with S. Bear Bergman, a Jewish transgender storyteller and activist, to discuss issues of gender and transgender individuals within the Jewish community, as well as how the intersection of these identities connects to activism and community service. Additionally, we would like to draw attention to the existence and experiences of queer-identified individuals in the Jewish community.

Musika Rox: Rhythms of the Middle East
Recipients: Rebecca Meyer and Micky Waks
Musika means music in Hebrew and Rox means dance in Arabic, and this show is going to demonstrate a coming together of various Middle Eastern cultures through an artistic lens. The main goal of Musika Rox is for the conflict in the Middle East to be put aside for the purposes of creative expression. Our idea is that in order to get along on a grand political scale, we must first be able to appreciate each other's cultures.

Queer and Religious Life: Interfaith Dinner and Discussion
Recipients: Sara Brande and Sara Fried
Triskelion will host an Interfaith dinner and discussion including student groups of different faiths such as the Muslim Student Association, Shalem, Hillel, the Catholic Student Organization, and the Christian Fellowship for a dialogue on the intersectional nature of identity, queerness, religion, and how all of those aspects of life come together. Their goals include broadening awareness about the different student groups on campus and how they act to include every student. With these connections made, students will be able to interact more closely with each group, meeting both student leaders and other club members to create safe spaces for future discussion.

The 2nd Annual Cultural Food Gala
Recipients: Jessye Kass and Avital DeSharone
Anthropology Club
With the contributions and support of ten cultural clubs from around campus, the anthropology club is bringing you foods to try from all over the world. Come learn more about other cultures, and what their foods mean to them! The goals of this project are to increase awareness on campus of the different cultures here at Brandeis, and around the world.

The 2nd Annual Women of Color Forum Our Father, Ourselves: Portraits of Women of Color and their Fathers
Recipients: Christina Marcelus and Briana McCalmon-Bailey
The Women of Color Forum is an annual initiative that aims to develop a voice and dialogue concerning women of color amongst the Brandeis community. During the Forum's 2nd Annual event, the effect that paternal relationships have on self-identified women of color will be discussed and how these interactions (between father and daughter) influence these women’s present and future relationships, on both a professional and personal level.

Undergraduate Sexualities Research Conference
Recipient: Halee Brown
The Sex and Sexuality Symposium
This project, sponsored by the Sex and Sexuality Symposium, will be the fourth annual Undergraduate Sexualities Research Conference an event afternoon that brings students from all departments to share the research papers they have done regarding topics of gender, sex, and sexuality. The conference will foster unity between students interdepartmentally, bringing them together to present on the student panels, and also exposes all the conference attendees to a wide variety of topics within the realm of gender, sex, and sexuality.