Fall 2014

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Brandeis Dance Marathon
Recipients: Agnes Baldenweck and Brittany Ritell
Brandeis Dance Marathon is a way to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network, specifically the Children's Hospital in Boston, through one of our favorite pastimes: Dance! The money raised from this event goes directly to help patients and families of the Boston Children's Hospital! So come for fun games, to see your favorite Brandeis Dance Groups perform, and be part of an amazing cause.

Brandeis TSA Night Market
Recipient: Iris Lee
Taiwanese Student Association 
TSA Nightmarket is the Taiwanese Student Association's biggest event of the year in which we recreate the atmosphere of the famous nightmarkets in Taiwan. Lanterns will decorate and light the streets as TSA and collaborating Intercultural Center clubs fill the night with their own food and games, bringing that adrenaline-pumping street feel to Brandeis’s campus.

Justice Jam
Recipients: Krista Giuntoli and Derron Wallace
Critical Perspective in Urban Education
Justice Jam is designed as a response to a guest lecture by Dr. Chris Emdin, an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Colunbia University and the founder of #HipHopEd movement. Dr. Emdin's talk will take place on October 30, 2014, and will discuss the significance of hip hop as a strategy for teaching science in urban schools. Rather than having a one-off lecture, our class has planned a post-lecture Justice Jam, that will continue exploring Dr. Emdin's dynamic approach to teaching and learning in the modern classroom. The event will feature TED talk-style presentations from faculty and students, spoken word, music, and performance to explore the questions: How do you teach and learn to promote justice?

MELA 2014: Junoon
Recipient: Nikhil Pallikonda
South Asian Student Organization
Mela is the annual South Asian Cultural Show at Brandeis hosted by the South Asian Student Association. This year the theme of Mela is Junoon: The Power of Passion! The event will highlight the talent, creativity, passion of Brandeis Students through a variety of performances including dance, music and art. Come enjoy this colorful cultural show! Mela also sponsors a yearly charity and for this year, it's Asha for Education. Come learn about this great cause in addition to enjoying our performance!

Recipients: Ryan Jang and Judy Nam
Brandeis Korean Student Association
Pojangmacha is a new event that the Brandeis Korean Student Association has created to encourage interactions among the student body while sharing a piece of Korean culture. "Pojangmacha" refers to late night street stalls - Korea is well known for its street food culture, and many famous Korean foods started on the street. We hope that by sharing Korean culture with Brandeis, we can expose students and faculty to parts of Korean culture they would have otherwise not known.