Spring 2015

These grants have been awarded to student and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

APAHM Opening Ceremony:  Here We Are
Recipient: Esther Lee
Brandeis Asian American Student Association (BAASA)
BAASA's annual celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month is held in March to commemorate Asian American history and achievements.  Our opening ceremony includes performers and students who express and share their different identities and cultures.

ELL Book Project & Luncheon
Recipient: Ben Schluger
English Language Learning Initiative
Each year, the English Language Learning Initiative creates and distributes a unique book of stories written by our learners focusing on an aspect of their life, culture, family and traditions. We will be asking our tutors to incorporate this theme into their lessons, and work with their learners to create a piece of writing, which uses that theme to express something important and meaningful to them. We pair the launch of the book with an appreciation luncheon to bring all the workers and learners together at the end of the semester and to celebrate their hard work.

Getting Bi:  Unpacking Biphobia and Creating a Culture of Inclusion with Robyn Ochs
Recipient: Jessa Modell
Queer Resource Center and Triskelion
This event, co-hosted by the Queer Resource Center and Triskelion, is a training given by Robyn Ochs, open to the Brandeis community, about cultural biphobia and how to create an inclusive culture of all sexual orientations.  We hope that this training will garner interest in Queer education on campus and expand student involvement with the new Gender and Sexuality Center. 

"I Am Historic"
Recipients: Christine Darko and Ajai Scott
For the past seven years, the Student Support Service Program Student Leadership Board (SLB) has held annual "I Am" events inviting all Brandeis students, faculty, and staff members to share their experiences and unite in the empowerment of the SSSP students. This year, in order to recognize the history of student success that parallels the historic changes in Civil Rights, Educational Access, and Social Justice, the SSSP and the Student Leadership Board (SLB) will host “I Am Historic.”   We will pay homage to the influential changes that have impacted our lives and celebrate the opportunities that were paved by leaders of the past who have fought for our rights.

Recipients: Stephanie Anciro and Dan Truong
Jaded is a Brandeis University art and literary magazine that publishes work that artistically depicts what it means to live in America’s multiethnic society. It accepts short stories, poems, photography, paintings, sheet music, mixed media, and any other form that can be represented two dimensionally.

Recipient: Sang Min Lee
Korean Student Association (KSA)
“K-Nite” is a cultural show held every spring by the Korean Student Association (KSA), and it is our biggest event of the year. The event aims to promote Korean culture through performances. These performances highlight Korean-American and traditional Korean heritage, which may not be well known in the Brandeis community. Through this opportunity, KSA has undergone tremendous time and efforts to produce a show that attracts more than hundreds of students yearly. This year's theme is Korean Night Life, based off of the lively and bustling streets of Korea. 

SASS Conference
Recipients: Bethany Clark and Steven Wasserman
This year will be SASS's eighth year hosting the Undergraduate Sexualities Research Conference, an afternoon of student panel presentations about the research they have been doing in the fields of gender, sex, and sexuality. This conference brings together students and faculty for an appreciation of academic exploration. A central theme in the conference involves a presentation by a keynote speaker who has extensive research in the fields of gender, sex and sexuality who can present their research. The conference is built upon a theme of intersectionality- how different groups from diverse backgrounds, many of which are victims of marginalization or oppression, come together, especially in regards to sex, gender and sexuality. In the past, we have had presentations in all diverse backgrounds, including gender in Latin America, and queer oppression internationally. 

Skylar Kergil:  Tell Me A Story
Recipients: Sara Brande and Russell Lasdon
The Gender and Sexuality Center
Skylar, a popular YouTuber and musician/educator, was recently honored by the Trevor Project for his activism and educational efforts, and has just released a new album.  He is bringing his passion to Brandeis in a performance and Q&A session as one of the first events in the new Gender and Sexuality Center.  this event encourages people who have never heard of the Center or been involved in LGBTQ+ events to come, hang out, and learn while enjoying the event and the space.