Remi Boros '17 & Margaret Morris '17


Below are a summation of the remarks made by Remi and Margaret.

  • Communication is super important. If you have a great idea for an event, that's great, but it is a team effort to actually have the event. Also, your fellow UDRs may have good ideas to improve or expand your original vision, so really listen. It's not about you; it's about doing the things.
  • We really tried to be how we wanted the department to be. We would talk to other students and see how they were doing personally and how classes were going and such. We talked to professors outside of class. We got to know the people who worked in the physics office. We went to colloquia and did research and really got involved in other aspects of the department. It was important to us to be visible and to try to create a community not just with events, but also with how we go about our interactions.
  • What we accomplished we accomplished together with the help of the department and friends: students staff and faculty all.