Shikha Chandarana '17

Health: Science, Society, & Policy 

A warm welcome to the new UDRs, and a welcome back to those who have been doing this fabulous work for a while. I am humbled by this award and cannot thank Elaine Wong, Joan Tarkulich and the lovely faculty mentors of the HSSP Department that have honored me with this. As I look around I see so many new faces, the new undergraduate departmental representatives who have been given the fantastic opportunity to work so closely with their departments and the lovely people at the Dean of Arts and Sciences. I congratulate you all and beseech you all to make the most of your position. It might be intimidating or awkward to ask for help from faculty members and administrators, but I promise you that they are here to help you and want you to succeed in your role as an advisor, and guide to the students in your department. Talk to them, set up monthly meetings, speak to senior UDRs and the members of the UDR Council, you are supported and you are valued by us all. This brings me to your biggest resources on campus, Elaine and Joan. They work tirelessly to make sure the UDR program runs smoothly, and working with them on a regular basis will make your experience extremely valuable. This Friday is Brandeis’s biggest healthcare event with about 150 registrations from schools all around the state, and this would have been a distant dream without Joan and Elaine.

Whether it is a giant health conference or a small meet the majors, they are here for you and please use them as resources.

Being a part of the HSSP department has been a highlight of my college career since the beginning of my sophomore year. The moment I declared my HSSP major, I knew I had become a part of a department that would be defining for my career. As I look back, my work as an HSSP UDR has helped me make connections with fantastic faculty, staff and students whose words and advice will be a part of my life as I take the next step into graduate school in public health.