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Data Last Updated

By default, data are updated every night, except weekend nights.  Friday's transactions will only be reflected on Monday.

Records in the Data Warehouse today reflect the world as of these dates:

Students & Enrollment Last Business Day
GL and Budget Last Business Day
Stu Fin Aid Last Business Day
SEVIS Reporting Last Business Day
Undergrad Admissions

Last Business Day

Institutional Advancement

Last Business Day


What is a data warehouse?

The Brandeis University data warehouse is a large set of information which is combined from multiple systems into one, easy-to-access location. The primary purpose of a data warehouse is to provide verified data that can support strategic decision-making, though there are plenty of ways in which the data warehouse can support operational needs as well. Learn more

Logging into MicroStrategy

Login to MicroStrategy: or just go/dw (in Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer).

(You must have a MicroStrategy license to use the link above. Need one?  Request access.)

We improved the user's interface for running reports by introducing the Portal.  Read more in this KB article to learn more about the Portal.  Click here to see a short video about using the Portal.

Want to talk to someone about the data warehouse?

Visit the Contact Us page.