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Diagram of DW Governance


Data Warehouse Governance

Data Warehouse Governance is provided by selected members from key areas of the University. Responsibilities of governance representatives include providing guidance on various non-operational aspects of the data warehouse, such as:

  • determining which data sets will be added next into the data warehouse
  • developing policies and procedures around security and data access processes
  • setting long-term goals for the data warehouse initiative 

The structure of the governance group has two levels (click on sidebar diagram to view full-size version):

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee is comprised of representatives of the Office of Planning and Research (OPIR), the Data Warehouse Team, and from key areas across campus. The Steering Committee is Co-Chaired by Dan Feldman from OPIR and Mike Corn from LTS. The committee gathers information from the larger Advisory Committee and makes final decisions regarding long-term goals and directions for the data warehouse.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of all members of the Steering Committee, plus additional representatives from a larger pool of business units. The Advisory Committee has an important role in ensuring that the larger user community has input on the topics being addressed by the governance committees. The Advisory Committee ensures that issues that might otherwise be overlooked by the smaller committee are brought to light prior to final decisions being made.